How using VideoTMS can boost your audiovisual translation process to the next level

October 17, 2022


In the early days, localization services were all about translating text and was primarily a manual process. It is a very different story today, where the language industry is driven by technology such as CAT tools, terminology and translation management systems, and AI based software, such as Machine Translation and more importantly for Dotsub, text is just one aspect of localization.

Dotsub’s primary focus is audiovisual translation (AVT), which, while related to text translation, has many additional facets that add complexity to the process.  To make the process much more efficient and user-friendly, we have created a Video Translation Management System, Dotsub VideoTMS™, from scratch using state of the art technology.

VideoTMS has several features that improve the localization process and increase accuracy and turnaround time while reducing cost.

1. Web-based solution

All files are held in the cloud, so there is no need to move large video files around and caption files are held centrally until you need to download them into your video player or whatever its ultimate destination.

2. Automated workflows

Build your own workflow with an intuitive graphical interface to mirror your requirements for TAT and quality. As soon as one task is completed, the system automatically starts the next task, reducing the need for human interaction and associated delays.

3. Project management

Every detail of your projects can be defined on the platform: languages,services, subtitle specifications, deadlines, costs and more. PMs can use the platform to check the progress of the project and intervene if necessary.

4. Linguistic interface

Designed for linguists to work efficiently. VideoTMS provides simple time coding, segmentation and transcription as well as positioning and formatting of subtitles. It provides multilingual spelling and grammar checking, terminology software, subtitle specifications, notes PM’s and other linguists, all on an easy-to-use, modern layout.

5. AI-based technology integrated into VideoTMS

Captioning and translation tasks can be performed by multiple industry leading Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engines, Machine translation performed on contextually significant segments, not per subtitle cue, and the ability to use Neural Synthetic Voice-Overs, using the subtitle work done within the platform.

6. Workflows are flexible

We know that your way your content needs to be treated will change based on varying project criteria. Sometimes you want the project to be completed quickly and inexpensively, and sometimes you want them to be perfect and are willing to wait for the work to be done. Workflows can have multiple review tasks which can be performed by professional linguists, subject-matter experts and the clients’ own resources.

7. Security

There are many aspects to security, from making sure that your content is safe from competitors to the identity of your linguists. Organizations cannot see the content of other organizations. Data is encrypted, administrators and linguists need to be registered on the platform and linguists can only see work that they are assigned. Your project’s security is a top priority of VideoTMS.



When you are dealing with your valuable audio video properties, either as a content creator or their partner, it makes a great deal of sense that you should use a platform specifically designed for the purpose. There are a lot more features that are not mentioned here. The best way to judge it is to see a demonstration of VideoTMS and talk to our audiovisual translation and localization experts about how it can make your job easier and more efficient.


To see a demo or to get more information, go to  or send an email to [email protected].






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