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Spiritual Crocodiles

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I've always had an interest in animals and birds. When I learned to read, I looked for books about them and I ended up learning a lot on the subject. As an adolescent I could identify almost all of the African animals and I could distinguish an antelope from an impala, or a gazelle from a wildebeest. I had always wanted to go to Africa to see the animals close up, and finally, one day I got my chance. There had been a great drought and water was scarce everywhere; really the only thing you could see were mudflats. On the route, we stopped at the edge of a pond to observe the animals that went there to drink. The antelopes in particular became very nervous as they neared the small ponds. They did it cautiously and after, for no apparent reasons, they ran away startled without having drunk. I looked around to see if there was some lion or tiger in the vicinity, but I didn't see anything. Their response held a lesson for me: Crocodiles. I thought he must be joking, so I asked my question again. "What's the problem?" "Crocodiles," he said again. "It can't be," I replied. "Anyone can see there are no crocodiles there." The young man knew perfectly well that I didn't believe him and I suppose he decided to give me a lesson. For this he drove the vehicle to another location "There there are," he said. "See for yourself." I couldn't see anything but mud. But suddenly, I saw it! It was an enormous crocodile, watching from the mud that covered him completely waiting for an unwary animal that, defeated by thirst, would come down to drink Crocodiles are not only in rivers rather they are throughout the whole park and especially near the water deposits. You'd better believe it! In another trip I made to Africa, I told this story to a groundskeeper at another park He showed me the place where a tragedy had occurred A young boy from England found himself working in a hotel during his summer vacations Despite the repeated and constant warnings that they had given him he decided to explore beyond Hi, Bent Hi friend Still working on that? "DANGER wild animals" my dear young people and elevate their voice of warning to prevent but those spiritual crocodiles which are infinitely more dangerous for being even more deceptive and less visible than those that hide waiting in the ponds of Africa Those spiritual crocodiles can kill or mutilate your soul and destroy your mental peace and that of those who love you Those are the "reptiles" against which it is necessary to warn you because it is difficult to encounter a place in the world that is not infested with them

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Country: Spain
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Posted by: pytru on Apr 15, 2013

A seminary video excerpt with a message to be wary of pitfalls that exist

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