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How to convince your Democrat Friend to Vote Republican - Master Strategist - Garry Guan

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- Garry I'm going to give you the floor. - Thank you. - Alright, I'm going to grab that. (INAUDIBLE) (CHEERING) I'm very pleased and honored that Marcy gave the 5 minutes. The next thing that I wanted to spend a little time to share with you is something that, bear with me, it sounds crazy. - Yes. - (INAUDIBLE) I want to mention that she comes as a Democrat. I have what covers the three of them will vote for Republican on this run off election just this week. - Yeah! - And I'll tell you how I did it. I returned from Washington D.C., my wife was driving, actually that morning in the hotel, in the breakfast, I rarely watch MSNBC, but you can't help when the hotel runs that there, and there happened to be the news that intrigued me, and it was talking about Joe Biden is under fire, from who? From the people that complain they helped him become the president, but they didn't-- he didn't appoint enough of their people to the cabinet. And especially the Black Lives Matter people. I look at that and I say, "Gee, that surprised me." And I start thinking on the way, and this trip can be 10 hours. I figure out, I come out to the line to deal with some Democrats, keeping in mind there's a lot of time our people think of patriotism is an old trade. I have to say, unfortunately it's not totally true. Cannot explain that 70 million Americans voted are all traders, all American haters. Many of them love our America just as we do, we just hate that they differ upon view. And for those people who loves America, and that are not crazy like AOC, or the Black Matters group, they still have a sense you can talk to them, this is how I start. I say, "Have you ever thought about keeping the Senate in the Republican hands, and the House for Biden?" (INAUDIBLE) I said well, I just saw the news, he is under fire. Those people repeated a point, was really giving him a hard time. And if the Republicans control the Senate, guess what? He finds a scapegoat, he will have us to blame. Hey that's the Republican Senate, we will confirm them! And I go even further, I say, "If I was President, I would appoint the most radical Black Lives Matter person as Attorney General of the United States, and send it to the Senate cause I know I can trust those people will reject it! Then I can turn around, "See, I appointed your people, it's the Republican kicked them out!" (CHEERING) And the thing about that, that's a very strong logic. And also, afterwards, I drive the point home, I will ask these friends of mine, I say, "You love America, I know." "But do you know, if it's supposed to be Biden to become president, what is his top job facing here?" Two of them, I said, reunite the country. Healing the divide. One of them taking the (INAUDIBLE) to number one, but number two is still this. So, I always follow up, I say, "But how do you think if Biden has a hard time to unite the Democrats, how is it can he unite the country?" The point drives home. I got to these people. So keeping in mind that if you have any friend who is a Democrat, don't write them off, keeping in mind if you converted one, that was two votes. If you couldn't get him to convert, just get him to stay at home. We still got one more extra vote, so do it. (INAUDIBLE) (APPLAUSE)

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How to convince your Democrat Friend to Vote Republican - Master Strategist - Garry Guan

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