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Candid Conversations - Recruitment challenges

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So here's the thing with recruitments at the moment, it is booming, it's thriving, it's the best it's ever seen. You know, when I chart from staffing industry metrics, you know, the graph is going up like that in terms of growth of industry. But the challenges that we have with that is the fact that we're the 17th hardest job to fill in Australia with recruitment consultants and we've got a 47% staff turnover in the industry as well. So we're working in an industry that's growing and is doing really well but we can't find the staff and the staff that we have we're turning over. So it's almost like we have this unique set of challenges now that we kind of need to address as an industry, to keep the bar at a high level from a standard to... for the recruitment industry to thrive and continue to kind of go up in this swing that we're in. There are businesses that need more recruitment consultants in order to fulfill the work that they have within their businesses. Then you have online businesses and online technology that's, you know, threatening to disrupt the industry, but that's not translating just yet in terms of growth, so it's never become more important to be able to find really good recruiters and shape, and mold them and train them, because a lot of experienced recruiters set up in the market for 10 years plus are actually finding alternative careers to move into. So we've got this whole unique set of challenges now and businesses need to focus more so now than ever, on actually training new staff that come into the industry. It might sound like a hidden agenda 'cause I own a recruitment training business but the reason that I opened another business was because I saw this massive gap in the market where we need to be able to attract people to the industry, train them and retain them. If we don't do that, we lose our value as an industry and if we don't do that, we can't attract great people to our industry, and if we don't do that, our industry is rife for a disruption because people won't actually see the value in it anymore.

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Posted by: recruiterdeveloper on May 6, 2019

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