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Fairy from Earth

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Fairies - Children see us (Siyala) Hello this is, Siyala and- I am a fairy I am going to be speaking for 'all of us' together and, tell you what we do and where we come from well it's already been said but, what we are doing in process in supporting human beings well, we are of the earth and we've been birthed as the expression of flowers and we are in and as oneness and equality as you've referred to it, as Life but we are that so it's strange, to say oneness and equality because it's just who we are, we're Life because we are of the earth and of the flowers and we assist human beings when we see that they're in separation with themselves now understand that not many human beings understand separation or even know what we are busy doing, but one day, they will, why? because we're preparing everyone, so that when they start hearing us or, hearing what it means to exist in oneness and equality why they are here, who they are, where do they come from and they hear of this process that has busy going on they will look at their Life, and they will go: Oh! now I see now I understand what we found is interesting the reason why- when we see manifesta- when we see separation manifested within human beings and we projected in your world to be experienced so you are able to see, that you're existing in separation it's the only way that you'll start- hearing what we are doing in process first, and events have to occurred you have to experience certain events before afterwards you start realize and why you crated that event to be experienced because remember we are you we are not doing anything to anyone (no) we are you, we are manifestation of you as one with you and we are assisting you no one can do anything onto another it's impossible all that we are doing is we're assisting you in the 'manifestation' of what it is you are creating so that you are able to see what you're doing to yourself and that's how we all assisting and supporting each other because we're not able to do it for you we're not able to hide what you're doing to yourself from you because otherwise how are realize yourself, that would be impossible so we are, definitely, participating- oh! there are two fairies for each human being on- in this world with them, in every single moment making sure, aligning manifesting that which and places where you separated yourself from looking where and how when and where we're able to manifest such experiences so you may understand what you're doing to yourself what else? so basically we are bringing everything out in the open what's going on within, because I am certain human beings are tired of all the emotional conflicts and things inside them because they conserved it inside them yet we placed it 'outside' so that you can experience it, and understand it and then afterward realize it 'I am still here' that's the one thing human beings feared, interesting fear losing themselves when they go and experience something so, that's the basic principle we're working with to realize that no matter where you are, what you do what you experience when you walk through it, and you find yourself on the other side to see you're still here so this is Siyala, and this is what fairies are doing in the world for human beings until we see each others again, as who we are as Life ok, bye Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 4, 2010


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