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Posted by: dishapublication on Dec 4, 2017

The aim of compiling this Engineering book 'Live Physics Vol. 1 for Boards, JEE Main & Advanced (Class 11)' is to give a first-hand knowledge of the subject which will help the Boards, JEE Main & Advanced aspirants to master problem solving in a systematic way. The book has been written in a lucid and easy-to-understand style, with Chapter-wise Assessment & Video Solution DVD presenting the basics at a level that can be quickly grasped by a beginner.

An Engineering book is not complete without illustrations, and one of the main purposes of this Engineering book is to present a number of diagrams, which are presented mainly with a view to emphasize all kinds of permutation and combinations of the problems based on the different concepts so as not to burden the students with unimportant details.

The book follows a 4 step approach -- Learn, Practice, Assess and Reinforce.

Step 1 - Learn
*Quick Notes to revise the basic concepts and formula
Build Your Concept Solved Examples to develop Problem Solving Skills
Step 2 - Practice
*Concept Checker to revise the basic concepts you have learned.
Concept Applicator to practice the problems based on the concepts learned.
Step 3 - Assess
*Chapter-wise Test Assessment DVD will test you against time and provide instantaneous scores
Step 4 - Reinforce
*Video Solutions to the Chapter-wise Test Assessment DVD will reinforce the steps involved.

The Build Your Concept Solved Examples provided in each chapter have been organised in a way that the student is able to move step by step throughout the chapter.
• The book divides the complete class 11 syllabus into 23 chapters. For better concept clarity, bigger chapters have been broken into smaller topics. The book follows the complete syllabus of NCERT, JEE Main & Advanced.

• Each chapter contains:

1. Quick Notes -- provide the salient points related to the topic or concept.
2. Build Your Concept -- provides multiple numbers of Solved Examples to illustrate problem approach and solving.
3. Concept Checker -- provides simple objective questions to check your learning.
4. Concept Applicator -- practice exercise with detailed solutions at the end of each chapter.

i. Match the Column
ii. Passage based MCQs
iii. Objective Problems contains MCQs
iv. Integer/ Subjective Problems

• The book has again been empowered with an assessment and feedback CD which contains a practice test for each chapter, i.e. 23 tests containing 20 questions each. The CD provides instantaneous result after the submission of the test.

• The most interesting part of the CD is the video solutions which discuss the step by step approach to solve each of the problems which guides the students to understand how to approach a problem and solve it in the minimum amount of time.

About the Author: Anish Gupta, a BE Electronics from NIT (MACT) Bhopal, has been engaged in training students from IIT-JEE over the past 19 years. He is a well known name among the student fraternity and is acclaimed for his style and approach towards the subject.


1. Units and Dimensions
2. Straight Line Motion
3. Motion under Gravity
4. Projectile Motion
5. Relative Motion
6. Newton's Laws of Motion
7. Friction
8. Circular Motion
9. Work, Power & Energy
10. Circular Motion (based on energy conservation)
11. Centre of Mass
12. Momentum and Collision
13. Rotational Motion
14. Gravitation
15. Mechanical Properties of Solids
16. Mechanical Properties of Fluids
17. Thermal Properties of Matter
18. Kinetic Theory of Gases
19. Thermodynamics
20. Heat Transfer - Conduction
21. Heat Transfer - Radiation
22. Oscillations
23. Waves

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