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Learn how to check your breasts!

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Sadly 120 women are diagnosed with breast cancer the UK each day here at cancer center UK, we are looking for ways to beat breast cancer Today I am going to show you how to be breast aware With the help of my lovely assistant Tommy When looking at you own breasts it is often helpful to stand in front of a mirror Another good time to check is when you are in the bath or in the shower but really it is about what ever you find most comfortable being breast aware is about knowing what is normal for you all breast are naturally different sizes but you need to look out for any noticeable changes anything that stands out as being different for example have the breasts changed size or shape is there a rash on the skin or any swelling or any dimples does the nipple look normal has it changed position or is there any discharge thanks Tommy you can relax You also need to be aware of how your breasts feel is there any unusual pain or acing do you feel okay Tommy great and its also important to feel for any unusual lumps or thinking of tissue and there is no particular way of doing this other than just have a really good feel Thank you Tommy Being breast aware is important for all women most changes are not caused by cancer but its a good idea to report anything unusual to you doctor *Checking out your own breast isn't quite as much fun. But it could change your life * *Being breast aware is only part of the solution. Help to beat cancer and have more fun with Tommy at*

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Posted by: tusinde on Oct 2, 2008

Checking out your own breasts isn't as much fun, but it could save your life.

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