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Good morning, I am Jean-Andre, the Worldwide CEO of Benefit, and I'm here to talk to you about brows. Not a big surprise here. And what I want to do is share with you why I believe so strongly that the launch of the brow collection in July, will not only be a great launch but it will be a fundamental change to Benefit's business for years to come. The reason we are so excited about brows is multiple. One is that we are seeing that more and more consumers are using brows in their daily beauty routine. A few years ago, just three years ago, less than 10 per cent of women would use brows in their daily beauty routine. Today, that number is up to 25%. And I believe in the next 5 years that number will reach 75 or 80 per cent. So you have a snowball effect where more and more women are using brows as part of their daily beauty routine. Second, what we see is that brows know no borders. What I mean by that, it doesn't matter what your skin tone is, it doesn't matter what your cultural background is, brows matter to you. In the Anglo-Saxon world, in the Afro-American world, in the Hispanic world, in the Asian world, in the Middle-East world, brows matter, so it's one of the very few beauty products that is truly global and universal. Third, brows know no ages. What I mean by that is that as you get older, when you get over 50, the mature consumer's brows start to look lighter, loses volume, loses energy, and clearly, a mature consumer understands the transformative power of brows. So what we're going to see when we launch this brow collection, we will see our young consumer, our traditional Benefit consumer, because they want to have a very fashionable brow, but then you're going to see a much broader age range, up to the 50s and 60s, of women understanding that when you pass a certain age, brows can make a big difference. And last but not least, what we have discovered during the last couple of years is that when a woman starts to use brow products, she doesn't use one, she uses 2,3 or 4 products a day, so this is really a multiple brow purchase, multiple brow usage business, very similar to skin care. So, you may say, "Jean-Andre, that's very nice, you're dreaming." I'm not dreaming, because when I look at the facts, you look at growth in the brow category in the last three years, that category has grown around the world, including France, by 40 to 50 per cent a year. We're looking at a situation where probably, by 2020, 5 years, 4 years from now, the brow category will be in France, and in the rest of the world, as big as the mascara category, which is amazing how big that is. Now, what's amazing, is that on one side you've got this incredible consumer demand, more and more women want brow products, they want to learn about brow products, they want to use brow products. On the other side, the beauty industry, the beauty brands are not offering that consumer a quality and innovativ product. It's a very rare situation where you have a very strong consumer demand and literally no supply. That doesn't happen at all in our world. In mascaras, you have a big demand but you have dozens and dozens of mascaras being offered. That's not the case in brows. So, guess what. In July of 2016, Benefit is bringing a new brow collection that you're gonna be playing with in the next hours, 45 skus, world-class formulas and packaging, incredible applicators, clearly the best brow products on the planet, we're gonna support that with an enormous level of digital support, training support, gratis into the stores, and the result of that, I believe, will be an absolute tsunami of business, tsunami of brows, for Benefit. So, that's why we're so excited from a business point of view, the other point, also very important to you, because you'll all live in a world where we have brow bars, is that product and service are gonna feed on each other. So, when you sell a service, obviously, it'll be very easy for estheticians to sell the product, a very natural conversion. Similarly, when we sell a product, we have the chance to introduce the consumer to an upgrade into a service. So, that circle of service and product together is very, very powerful. And last but not least, I believe very strongly that a rising tide raises all boats. I mean by that, that the brow business growing would also drive consumers to our counters, to our gondolas, and by doing that, they're gonna buy They're Real, The Professional, The Boing, The Hoola, all those products, and we will see not only our brow business explode, but our overall business go up. So, in summary, may the brow force be with you, it's a very exciting time for Benefit, and I hope you will agree with me after you've had a chance to play with those products, that this is the best thing that has happened to Benefit in the last four years. Thank you very much.

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