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HOM 28 - Birth of Space and Time

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 28 - The Birth of Speace and Time (Jack) This is Jack again ok so we were at the god, Adam and Eve and ok, so that's what happened there, and now with the dimensional, realm that was designed and manifested by Anu etc. most of the, interdimensional beings in existence were placed into the dimensions well of course not all because there were those that did have the opportunity and ability to 'escape' if you can call it that others made deals with Anu, the Sirians and the Serpents and informed them that that if they maybe assist with the design development and the manifestation, of the human form, in terms of the evolution of the systems can they while they do that? and Anu agreed so that's how it happened that's how basically the dimensions was started so every time a baby was born here on earth, a dimensional being would come in, you know integrate and they'd live in the beginning, human beings usually lived god up to like a thousand years, seven hundred to a thousand years and, through time through evolution of men as consciousness systems which was, part of many dimensional being's input they evolved in terms of- see human beings basically were the ones that found out exactly how this world, works though, limited who is- in terms of what exactly going on in existence in the universe, human beings at the moment knows really just a fraction as I have said, even science, biology, mathematics it's a refraction there is so much more but that is only able to be realized as yourself and then they placed in the see because everything became manifested that's where space and time started manifesting where space and time, basically came forth but time in it's- I'd rather say time is because of the it's placed as the- as exist only in that which has a beginning and an end and in terms of the evolution of man as consciousness systems consciousness is just a a proper word I'd say of describing, pre-programmed, systems consciousness, and basically they had gridlines, gridline manifestations in the world which predicts space and time in other words, this entire world and all the human beings within were placed in like a see in terms of space and time doesn't really exist I mean time doesn't exist it's everything is infinite though what interesting is that human beings have been left to create their own- wolrd to a certain extent, because everything had been placed before already, before anything of these had ever happened it's like you have, a starting point here and then you stretch out according to space and time which is you project everything to the future and then you manifest it, and all you do is you walk in that in other words that's basically how human beings experienced here on earth were placed, since a long long time ago, this is where the Mayan calender also comes in because the Mayan calender is that specific prediction of what was setup for man now this happened after Jesus came yah Jesus came so after Jesus came or during- round about there that's when they when the when Anu and the Sirians and the Serpents and the few other inderdimensional beings on planets found that, you know they have the ability to really now they can see where this is going because they kind of left human beings you know worked on them, program them to do this to perceive that to feel this to look at things like that and just to evolve so as Anu and them got the idea as how to- evolve now ima- Marduk is also still programming inside them and he went on his own way to a certain extent though he didn't "override" Anu and Enki and Enlil also the Serpents and the Sirians so all- with all that together man evolved which is actually the consciousness systems inside as man evolved and they were satisfied around that time when Jesus came afterward that, you know that this is working so, they placed like a future projection, of man out to basically, program them to go exactly where they are required to go to do become find out discover investigate you know everything that you are doing now was already placed in like, thousands of years ago and it's- fascinating because it was just like a projection of the future placed in, this is what we want and then all you do is you walk in it so that's why literally all being's Lifes are pre-programmed and this was, specifically linked into the stars so that's where the the link the linking of each human being liking to a star comes in because a star, would then place this particular baby into the necessary grid line placement feature placement manifestation which is already placed long time ago, and then the baby connect to the star to the grid line placement which was already here, and beings just goes in and 'walks' his Life that was already pre-programmed placed- here many thousand of years ago though Anu had a problem because oh, let me maybe talk about ok in terms of like manifestation when- beings had seen ghosts had seen all those type of things it was not real it was actually mind manifested projections see the Annunaki in terms of act- ok I'll speak about mind projections in my next interview thank you Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Yolanda King, Nikola Tesla, Dolphins CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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