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CAD Stage 7 Drum Mic Pack - Review

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♪♫♪♫.....................[Music playing] So let's take a look at the individual microphones that go into the Stage 7 Drum Mic Kit. K, first of all we'll look at the snare mic. Snare microphone is a hyper-cardioid microphone. So it's got a nice tight pattern, so you don't get a lotta the bleed from your high-hat that's usually overhead of the snare or the other cymbals that are overhead. You can see it's a great clip. It opens up really nice and wide. Has isolation right here. You can see the rubber isolation. Clips right on the side of your snare. You can also adjust the angle of that. And that's the same thing for the tom microphones as well. So go ahead and pull that off. So the tom microphones will clip right on the side of the tom. Bend right down. Be right close to the head. Give you a good high frequency kind of a "snap" but also a good resonance off of that. So let's go ahead and back up here. Again, you can see that it has ...the three of the tom microphones, has the snare microphone, Clips right on there. Then we have these overheads. Nice, pencil, overhead cardioid condenser microphones. So you get some nice cymbal sound. Get the nice fill off of that, very lightweight, comes with the clips. And of course what drum mic kit wouldn't be complete without a great kick drum microphone? Large diaphragm-type of microphone. Gives you a lot of air movement. So you can get the power of your kick and you can put it right up next to the head. So this whole set, 2 overheads, kick drum microphone, 3 tom microphones and a snare microphone all for $199 is the best value I've ever seen on a decent drum mic kit. So go ahead and take a look at that and give our CCI Solutions representatives a call for more information. ♪♫♪♫...............[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 17, 2012

Complete set of microphones to mic your entire drum kit for under $200. Join CCI Solutions CEO Ron Simonson as he gives a quick summary review of the set of 7 microphones included in the CAD Stage 7 Drum Microphone package. Includes a great mic for your kick drum that can be placed right next to the head to capture the air movement that's going to give you a great, true sound.

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