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Hug Laurie British Slang vs American

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Now, I am going to give you some slang, some American slang. We’re going to take turns. We will see -how much you know and how much I know. -Okay Okay. The first one I’m gonna give you is, flossing. Do know what flossing means? You mean actually flossing? -No, it’s slang. -Slang I mean you do know what actual flossing is. Well, I know. I know the Americans opinion of British dental practice, but yes I do know what that is. Flossing. That would be something close-fitting and no, -I know, I don’t know. -No. -That would be. -That was to really show you how wrong you are. That’s kind of rubbing it in, this is really aggressive isn’t it? Yeah, it really is, it was aggressive, I’m sorry, because I could have just said no, but we just, in America, we like to really rub it in. With a klaxon. It is showing-off, flossing. -Really? -Yeah showing-off is flossing. Okay. All right. What sound does it make when you’re right, it’s… -Like that, yeah, -Yeah Helen: which is – it’s probably a different sound in England. -It is, yeah. Well, we’re never right in England. Chin Wag. -I'm gonna say it again -Okay. -Chin Wag. -Yes That would be a blundering idiot, a Chin Wag, you Chin Wag. -¿No? -No. -No. It’s actually – it’s a verb and it means to chat, literally to wag your chin, it’s actually very literal, it’s not really. -Chin Wag? Chin wag? -Chin, Chin, Chin Wag. Did I mispronounce it? I think that’s why – I never would have gotten it wrong. -I just couldn’t understand the thick British accent.- Should we look at that in slow motion? -Chin Wag of course. -Yes. That does sound like, all right. -So we’re tied. Yes. Tied at nothing. Ba-Donka-Donk Means to pass someone on a motorcycle and then see a police car and brake it suddenly No? It’s extremely curvaceous female behind. -Right -Ba-Donka-Donk. Right. We definitely don’t have those in England. You don’t have? Is it Ba-Donk – Ba-Donka-Donk? It’s a fantastic word.-Ba-Donka-Donk. No, no. Helen: Isn’t it great? You’ll use it from now on I enjoy your Ba-Donka-Donk, honey. -That’s…That’s fantastic. Chuffed to bits -Chuffed? -Chuffed to bits? -Chuffed to bits? -Chuffed -Chuffed. -Chuffed. Yeah. Like chin? -Yes, if you like. -Chuffed to bits. -Yeah. Oh, all right, oh just exhausted. No, no. It’s to be really pleased, it’s to be really pleased about. -It’s to be thrilled by something, I’m Chuffed to bits. -That’s what I meant. -I’m delighted. I’m chuffed to bits by. -All right. I would be chuffed to bits by your Ba-Donka-Donk, for example. Yes. We’re going to end on this one, because everyone has learned this watching the show, because I’ve helped them. Shawty Shawty? Shawty. Shawty. Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans, boots with the fur. Shawty had them baggy sweatpants Reeboks with the strap, just turned around and gave… Hugh: This is all one word? Shawty She hit the floor, she hit the floor. -Yeah, None of this is helping. -Next thing you know. Shawty got low, low, low, low. No I’m not gonna to… Shawty is a young kid or a woman. -Really? -Yep.

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Posted by: fernando1000 on Mar 26, 2014

An funny interview where characters talk about some terms used in British and American English.

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