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Annoying Orange: Excess Cabbage

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-[British accent]: In fact, around the produce section, I'm known as a bit of a playboy. So she says she heard it was the onion, but Onion, he's like, "I'm not the one dropping stink bombs over here." [others chuckle] -Hey, hey Celery. -What? -Hey Celery, hey. -W-w-what is it, Orange? -I bet you, uh... You umm... Uhh... -What do you want? -[sighs] I don't know. -Yeah, whatever. So anyways... -[sighs] -(voice) Hey, what's the matter with you, Orange? -Oh hey, Cabbage. -Man oh man, Orange, you look awful. -[sighs] Yeah. -You feeling down? -I guess I just don't see the point. -Oh what? Making fun of Celery? -Well, everyone I talk to just gets chopped up. I mean, any second now, someone's gonna pick up Celery and we'll never see him again. -Pick up Celery? Come on, Orange, Celery can't even get a date. -What? No, I can get a date, dude, anytime I want. -No way, man. Everyone knows you're a "stalker." Ha-ha, get it Orange? He's a "stalker." -Yeah. -You know why you're in a funk? -'Cause I'm sitting too close to Onion? -You smelt it, you dealt it, buddy. -Yeah, maybe. -(Cabbage) Maybe? That's not the Orange I know. The Orange I know would've said... "Eww, baseball is smelly! Somebody threw a stinkball!" -[chuckles] Yeah. -He'd-a said... "Gross! Onion's making grunions!" -[snickering] Grunions... -Knock it off, Cabbage. -"Oh! If I'm lyin', then you're cryin'." -[laughs] It's true 'cause it rhymes. -I'm not crying! There's something in my eye. -Yeah, stink-eye. [laughs] -[laughs] That's what I'm talkin' about! -Hey Cabbage, thanks for the lift. -That's how we do, Orange. -Yeah, you're a real "taxicabbage." [laughs] -Yeah, yeah that's funny, Orange. Ha-ha. -Hey Cabbage, know why you're so smart? 'Cause you've got a big head. [laughs] -Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's funny, Orange. -Hey Cabbage, why are you embarrassed? Is it 'cause you saw the salad dressing? [laughter] -Okay! That's enough, Orange. You can stop. -I would, but you won't "lettuce." [laughter] -Oh, so that's how it is. I try to help you out and you stab me in the back. -Geez, you sound like a real Caesar salad. [laughs] -Caesar salad? I don't get it. -You know, Caesar, stabbed in the back? Knife? -Yeah... still not gettin' it. -Knife. -Aaaaghgh! Nooooooo! -It's a "cole-slaughter." [weak laugh] Ow. [groans] I liked Cabbage, too. He was funny. -(Onion) Hey Orange, umm... I'm really sorry about Cabbage. -[sighs] Thanks, Onion. -Man, just goes to show ya. You never know when your time's-- Aah!! Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 3 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Dec 23, 2010

Orange loses his mojo, but Cabbage does his best to help get it back.

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