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- My name is Boulé Niasou Girome, Cacao Village Center (CVC) operator in the sub-prefecture in Dabouyo. I was born in 1978. I have the A-levels. I have been trained in the framework of Vision for Change (V4C) project in agronomy, management and entrepreneurship. Well, I've received an agronomy training and, during the training, I've learned—I've learned a lot : how to set a cacao breeding ground, the bagging until plantation. We are presently right in a plot—a cacao plantation. Here, I'm doing the demonstration in terms of pruning because there are producers that in fact don't know what pruning is, so we're doing the pru—we're strictly cutting all the heavy feeders, whether it be the [INAUDIBLE], we cut that. That's all you're seeing in the back. That's that. And then, formerly, this plantation, it was not like that. It was lush, closed. But today, the producer himself, with the plot—the demonstration we've made, is satisfied with what we've brought him in terms of service. In this plantation, we have the chemical products that are stored in our warehouse, that we put— that we're offering them to handle their plantation. The fertilizer, as well, to fertilize their plantations. My name is Boulé Ignacio Girome, CVC operator. Formerly, I was in Abidjan and I've been dropped out of school. I had been for a while working on the humanitarian project to be able to defend myself, but I decided to come back to the village. I've stumbled upon the opportunity— really, something good— which was in fact the V4C project. Then... After the recruitment, the project help me a lot. I'm really proud of being CVC operator here today because formerly—today, I have... Today I have at my disposal— I've built myself a house where I'm leaving now with my little family. Because back in the village, I was still dependent on the family. And then I bought myself a motorcycle to be used for my moves and then to go towards my producers-clients. I've also bought an atomizer in order to be able to diversify—treat our producers' plantations. I want—in the future I'm planning to really spread my activities, diversify them and then besides making them even closer to producers, because some of them come from kilometers away to get here at the CVC— in order to be more performing, more professional. As an CVC operator, I have much hope for myself, but also for my producers in relation with the service we're offering them. In terms of service, we give them—we give them the quality of product, above all the quality, and we have—we offer them also the pruning service and then the fertilizer, it's of quality as well, so I think that... I think that people are really going to adopt this new method of the—at the level of cacao culture so that they can really double because, well, from 300 they can maybe reach at least 600 to 800 kg if they truly adopt this new method of cacao culture. Here, we are in my breeding ground of banana plants. I produce these plants with the germoirs you see—that you can see over there. It's after a big formation in planting from fragments, the PIF, that I set up this breeding ground. You see here, we had—the breeding ground was wide up to over there, so we've sold the space, everything that is —the space you're seeing, we've sold all of these plants to the producers. These plants are made not only to diversify the culture as for the producers, but also to go with the cacao plants so the replanting be total. Here is the cacao breeding ground. I've produced—I've produced five hectares that I've sold to producers, and then, as for the future, I'm planning to set up a big breeding ground of ten hectares. Ten hectares because with we've already done, the craze is such that we have to be able to really satisfy our producers who rightly need this plant. So we have to be able to not only widen or replant—rejuvenate the different plantations. So... Here, they are placed all in front of my container, where I'm storing all of my different products. Chemical products such as the fertilizer. That's the storage warehouse of our different products. You can see yourself, we've got products like [bouradine?], premium, we have excel as well. In terms of fertilizers, we've got nitrabon, super KO which is sold here. - As an CVC operator, I've been trained in agronomy and in simplified accountancy. The agronomy training was particularly focused on setting up a breeding ground which allowed me to set up a breeding ground of 10.500 plants that I've already finished selling. And we've been trained to pruning as well. We have— I've received a pruning kit which helps me to make—doing service delivery in producer's fields. As for pruning, I've also been trained in pesticides and in simplified accountancy, I've received a training so that I can manage my store of the chemical products I have. I've received a container which I'm using as a storage warehouse for the chemical products and fertilizers I'm selling. Up to now, I've sold more than 500 liters of chemical products and 99 bags of fertilizers. And after that, I've also received a formation in order to multiply my banana production where I've made—which has helped me use less... which is going to help me multiply my banana production all the more so when producers come to buy the banana plants—the cacao plants, they ask for banana tree plants to go with the cacao. I have the level of the AVT second year in accountancy. After that, I've worked as a cashier in an enterprise. As a cashier, I've always been looking for—because I haven't the opportunity to move forward in there. I was always to stay cashier. And I came across the project, really. I seized that opportunity. Today I am an CVC operator. I don't have regrets being an CVC operator. After about one year of work, I've become a leader. I'm still living with my parents, but there are certain responsibilities that the parents are not afraid to give me. I don't have many things but I help a bit my parents when I feel the need. Today, owing to the project, I've become more responsible. I allow myself de make projects without asking other'other's advice. As I said last time, [I'd buy myself] a laptop and then wheel vehicle. For that, I'm not counting on anyone's help, that's owing to the project. I'm doing these things thanks to the project. I'm planning to offer myself those kinds of things shortly. Owing to my CVC operator status, I've become a leader. I'm succeeding in helping my parents from time to time. I can take myself—I can take care of myself and today, young people of the same age as I, also allow themselves to come towards me and ask what I have done to be here where I am, because they want to do the same as well.

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