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Restoring the Atleo River

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Started out as a fisherman, but I wanted to see what was happening to our stocks, because the stocks are getting so low, so I figured I'd start working in the bush and doing stuff like this. Restoring the Atleo River Being born right in Ahousaht, one of the last few ever been born in Ahousaht. It's... so isolated. The only way to get in is [Ahousaht BC Canada] by boat or by plane and bet you [that] over 90% of the village depends on these rivers, for like food, fish and the clams on the front beach, oysters. Even I used to go duck hunting at the mouth of the river. And had to go deer hunting in the back of the fjord when the first vaulted out. I thought it was the greatest thing when they first logged out, but after... but after seeing all the devastation they did on the creeks and the rivers, something's got to be done about it. So we come into an area similar to this, like when you see there's all the canopy above us, it's mostly alder trees as you can see around us, and what we're doing is we' re just letting more light in for the conifers, like the spruce trees and the hemlocks and the "polsons". We're working right now on repairing restoration of the river, we're hoping it'll work, pulling some of the alders away from the banks, and the banks become stable and they're not falling into the creek as much, so they're not causing problems with jamming up the river. This is gonna be the first stage of the project. Next year hopefully we'll be back and we'll be doing some creek restoration. Usually start up where we finished the day before, and just keep planking from there. We're girdling, girdling these trees down, down to the hard wood there taking it out, and it's just killing off these trees, slowly killing them off, so the cedars can get their light, and get the chance to grow. Before they started coming out it was really strict regulations for logging. Everything was right to the creek, everything was right to the river. And that's what destroyed it. Now it's all just for money. Sure I'm doing this because I do need money, but at the same time I feel good because I know we're providing better habitat for fish, for bears, for deer, wolves, cougars. Now I learned. It's... It's just a touch of what needs to be done around Vancouver Island and BC. The time here, my grandson looks outside the windows, and waving to work, and yeah I know, telling me I love you grandpa, and... Now, it's... it's that who I'm doing it for. And the other day you see, you see what's going on, what you've done, you feel good about it after, after you ['ve] seen the result. I want my grandchildren as well to be used to eating fish. and right now they're living in a big city, and to them a treat is McDonald's. Out here? A treat for the kids around here is what we call "upskriek", dried fish. That's like gold to us. I had my kids home from the beginning of the summer, and when I first started this, that was the greatest feeling I had, knowing what I was doing was for the future of our grandchildren. I'd see my grandchildren run up to me when I got off the boat, asking me what I was doing, I'd explain to them, "that we're making the creeks, the rivers, better for you guys, so you'll have fish, when you grow up." To help support the Central Westcoast Forest Society & their future projects please visit: Restoration Crew: George Frank, Milton Sam, Warren Swan, Eugene Swan Webster, Danny O' Farrell, Jaime Pascoe B.Sc. Music (By Donation): Gareth Dickson "Solina Sea", Funding for this film provided by: Mainstream Canada, Ahousaht Fisheries, Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council Fisheries (Uu-a-thluk) Writer/ Producer: Drew Burke - Burke Electric Media DoP/ Editor: Mark Wyatt - Wyatt Visuals Filmed on September 3rd 2013 at the Atleo River, BC, Canada

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Duration: 6 minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English
Producer: Drew Burke
Director: Mark Wyatt
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Posted by: tinaki on Oct 11, 2013

Filmed at the Atleo River, BC, Canada on September 3rd, 2013 for The Central Westcoast Forest Society -

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