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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~19:06:28 - 19:22:54

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It's out of your hands now. That's the second hat I throw you. I threw you that New Skate Rock 1,000s of years ago. I threw you that Darth Fool... no way. ― It was with Rafa, at Néia's house man. ― It's all up for grabs! He said, "I got it from Kiko." So I even autographed it, man! It's another one! It's another one! How come there's another Darth Fool? He said, "No, Kiko lost mine." Whatever. I have a red one, the one I gave you. I have a red one and a blue one, so you can choose. So, I have a red one and a blue one. No, it won't fit Paulo anyway. What about the other one, the one I gave Kiko? So, the one I gave Kiko? That was the one... Does it fit Gina Pampa? It fits her 'cuz her hair is fine. FINE hair. Hey, hey, hey, hey. That's right. Hey, Kiko... Kiko... That's right, man. That's right. I think it's right. Right, bro? Rael, switch with him. Rael... Tell him to go sit with her. Hey, sis! Sit here. Lemme sit there. You're free today. Sit here and I'll sit there. Toss it to Rael, please, and turn off the light. No... I'm just getting my bag. I gotta be on stage and be good. I gotta get up and get there. And go to hell... (♪ Singing ♪) Feeling the vibe, bro? The vibe's right here! So, you'll be a celebrity now... No, I'm cool. It's all cool. I don't let it, you know... But that's an accomplishment! No... It's an accomplishment, but, man... No way, lot to worry about at home. It's all the same, you know? So, it's cool! Thank God! The new song I sing. ― Which one? ― That one: "My life is singing..." You told me you were gonna show it to me. Man, you never stop by! We live right next door and you never stop by! Every time I go you're never there! If I'm not there, my brother is and he has the songs, man! You're my cousin, you live right next door and you never stop by. Oh, well! Oh, well! Oh, well! Man! Hey, sis, do you think we can get one on the way back? So, did you hear from Gilmar yesterday? The cops got him yesterday. Really? Sis, put it there, please. When he's out, he'll come over to you house, man. Too late, you know? BBQ! Nobody's gonna go to work tomorrow! So, we used to talk... Now only with his mother. Only until he gets a job. And with his sisters. I work at Paulista Avenue all day long, man. ― Drink that one and I'll drink this one. ― No, I don't want one all to myself. ― Just a taste of it. ― So let's split one. Open it up! So do I... I think I'll be sick tomorrow. I was going to give blood... I was going to give blood tomorrow, but now I can't. Hey, Paulo. Is there any money at the event we'll be singing? Posters? At the event we'll be singing? I wanna check it out, bro. Maybe there's some. That's our first poster, man... Thank God! Hold on to the cans, will you? Let me be in front, sis. Look watcha done! You got my cousin's pants wet... I didn't even know we were playing, man... The guy made some posters. I went to work on Monday and I said, "Oh, man!" Kikau... Hey, Kikau... Hottie! Come back! Hey, I'll get down the bus and go back, bro... We're at the Socorro bridge. It's pretty close to his house over there. Not going to work tomorrow! I don't care... Hey, buses are working tomorrow. You can go to work! (Laughter) Hey, sis! It's empty, we got you. Cans are empty... So, she lives at Socorro Street... Virgin Mary, man! I don't know, bro. It must be the factory... I'll go to her house tomorrow. She lives at the end of the world. (Laughter) In Singapore, man... Driver, hey, slow down. It's on the other side. Is there any window open so we can get some air? (Singing) ♪ So you can take me! But tell me you'll go right now, right now... If only she was into me... Hey, turn it up! Driver, turn the music up! What, Mariana? Turn it up!!! There's no speaker in the bus, right? Speaker in the bus? I was going to Marilia, but nobody could replace me... That's why I didn't go. Is the DVD out yet? There's a promo DVD. There's this friend of hers... I think she's a lesbian... She didn't believe the guy, man... All alone... So, how was the surgery? I have to fix my face, man. Fix my skin. Do a facial and fix my skin, man. My face... I was gonna get a tattoo. A hell of a treatment, a pretty cool one. We were gonna go to Africa next month, to Gabon... We were gonna get some serious money. I was going to pay for my skin treatment. But then the guy who was organizing everything wanted the money all to himself, man. So we didn't go... We should still go, but I'm not sure we will. It's too late, 'cuz it was cheaper on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. If we were to go, we needed to get our passports. You gotta get it 15 days before the trip. So, they weren't sure, so we won't... We won't spend money for nothing. But one day. One day we'll hit the road. They have this medication... Remember that guy? He had acne too. But he got the medication... There was this lotion and this pill he had to take to clean up his system. But mine became keloids, man. My acne became keloid... It's like scars on my flesh, you know? Like dry skin... That's what it is, keloid, a scar. ― But do you squeeze them out? ― I used to, a lot... ― That's why... But my neck, my chest, it was all full of blackheads. It was weird. I had to squeeze them out. Ah, I squeeze blackheads out too... There was no way out... I went to squeeze one out here. Look at the red marks now. Can you see it? It's all red. Blackheads are annoying. They always leave a mark, a bit hole... The guy went to rob her and scared her. Was he afraid? He was sleeping with her, so the guy... Isn't it João Dias over there? He took Marginal but went back. ― Are you still with... ― The Japanese girl? Yeah, I'm with her, may. She couldn't come today. I'm really missing her now. But that's the way it is... It's good, so you can see her later. Yeah, but she should be here. He went over there and turned here, and... He took Marginal, then turned there and came here. Hey, man, you're going to work... Rael, hey bro, did you think you were going to work... Going where? Did you think you were going to work? You know, she said, "João Dias." And I said, "What João Dias?" We're getting close to Pinheiro, man... I thought we were at Credit Card Hall, you know? ― Rael, we went down all the way, then we turned right. ― Man, we're already at João Dias? What the hell is this? He made a U-turn... Pedro! What's this video for? I'll explain later. It's like a documentary about Rael. Tired? I was zoning out here... Who's gonna pick up Bucha? It is here? Want me to go there?

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Duration: 16 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: Brazil
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 18, 2008

In a car driving.

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