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The VodPod Widget for

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The VodPod Videos widget integrates with the service to allow you to show a playlist of videos right in the sidebar of your blog. If you haven't signed up already, you'll need to click through and sign up for a VodPod account, which takes just a couple of seconds, and then get your widget code. So click through to sign up, which is really, really simple and will only take you a couple of seconds, and once you're done, you can click to get your widget code. Now, the widget over on the right-hand side is a preview, and all you're going to do is generate some code, which is this section here. And you do that just by choosing different selections, such as the size and the color, and how you want your videos to be sequenced. You can also add a different title to the widget, if you want to, give it a custom title, which will appear right up at the top of the widget. Once you're happy with that, select "" from the top up here, and you'll see a little bit of code that you just need to copy to your clipboard, and then bring that back over into WordPress and paste it in this box here. You can also enable the widescreen player, and there's some more information about that, click on Save, and there you are: your videos are now brought into the sidebar of your blog very elegantly. And if someone clicks through, they can actually get the widget from the blog to share it, or watch the video right there from within your blog. And if they prefer to browse your full collection, that's also possible. They can click through down in the bottom, and that will open up your VodPod account. From here, you can also see your own view stats. So that's the VodPod widget.

Video Details

Duration: 1 minute and 50 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Producer: Michael Pick
Director: Michael Pick
Views: 185
Posted by: wordpresstv on Aug 10, 2009

The VodPod video widget for makes it easy to add a customized sidebar display of your latest collected videos in the sidebar of your blog. You can read more about the widget in this support article.

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