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[MIRROR philhellenes]: Science Saved My Soul.

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three summers ago i was staying in a character long way from the nearest city he was usually pitch black i'd give you my word that i would not smoke inside so what i am i stepped outside for cigarette after a few minutes is standing in the darkness i realize that i could see my hands quite clearly something i've noticed that i could not do on previous nights so i looked up expecting to see the below the fold was nowhere in sight instead there was a long grueling crowd directly overhead the romans fourteen the fear and elected the road in it today he called it the milky way for those who missed the lesson of school that day the basic facts of the remembering the warm light here equivalent to six trillion miles all galaxy has a total diameter somewhere around one hundred thousand bliley's awesome is located towards the age of one of the galaxies firearms about twenty six thousand light years now from the central coast of the governors it takes two hundred to two hundred and fifty million users of the senate to complete were always good to save the world surrounding the galaxy above and below that this in this area here there are approximately two hundred blocking the pluses which may contain for millions dollars each the milky way itself contains two hundred billion stars give or take these numbers are essential to understanding what the guide cds but when contemplating the use of the prosecuting protests if he cannot be so it's an examination of the evidence for admission to the conclusion that he sees and if you take that conclusion without knowing yoga you might see something that would change your life this is what the galaxy looks like fiends conservatives across through binoculars for every sale you can't seem to make it out you can see a hundred around him all suspended rate movements but for a modest telescope combined theorized for just a thought and get focused just right you'll see that and that's what it really is stars like this savings what takes like infinity got to have fun sneeze and cough that no extremist on u_s_ facebook sound the kinds of things the state of things the agencies the violence and destruction polling energy hopeless gravity and the despair of distance but i feel safe because i know my book is protected by the very distance that atmosphere is like the universe screens in your face you know what i am i have read about it and how old are can you even comprehend what side what do you compared to me and when you know in assignments you can just look at the university of life are and you went on to the guy to see that not only the things he said it was so i was a real connection between my comprehending i along narrow beam of light to the surface of another son the photo is why i asked her if they like to receive the energy that we find this interesting came from that side i thought i could never took to get something from it crosses the bully and touches me i might never have enough myron so really it's time for the life of my mind so so much more icd invisible this gamma radiation from giant stars convictions of purity progress unmask the flashes the flash from the far side of the universe long before the thirty reform i can see the invisible microwave both the background radiation left over from the big bang i seek solace fifteen endlessly and its finances from the states time having around i can even see millions of years into the future blueprint for willful sterilizing and nearby so missus clinton and apocalypse that makes the rest this is about by comparison if it was formed such destruction defined as follows stars in stock certify connie stepped out criticism in light of this inaugural faxes poppins knowledge but informative truth will place a in the twenty-first century and beyond for the magical claims of organized religion first villages were predicted by any definition for reasons of limited population communication plain old geography they have agreed to be anything other than the local consent the religions mutating time and growing sophistication as each generation of holy man who learn what works and what does it what makes people a deviant what causes rebellion what are these people can easily is scary and which will hold until they have to pray just to stop the nagging fee when populations group keeps the slow but steady growth of knowledge as if confronted by bumper harvest the religions went into an arms race with each other from god's earth wind and sand and sea the threat to the centers in planes of power estimate until every dominant organized religion hasn't got the feasible all-powerful all loving all seeing words like infiniti and he says he will deploy treatment while all of the words open to abuse is really mean exactly what the religions wants them to me that night and the milky way alright who experienced it cannot hold the experience religious experience right now is not religious in any way i was thinking about facts in physics trying to visualize what he's not what i would like to be there's no word for such experiences that come through scientific and not mystical revelation the reason for that is that every time someone has such a mind gasoline religions steals it simply by saying power you had a religious experience and spiritualists were pulled the same shit and both camps get angry when i see is what he tells you decide on the other hand these experiences after rejecting everything supernatural but i do admit that asbestos experiences the months when reality hits me like a winning lottery ticket often think about religion and how lucky i am but i'm not religious you want to learn something about god okay this is walking down exiting if god exists gulp make this look at it accepted adjust to it because this is the truth and it's probably not going to change very much this is how god works dot would probably want you to look at it to learn about to try to understand it but if you can't look if you won't even try to understand what does that say about your religion as vicious lancelot andrews once said the near the church the service of god maybe you need to run away from the mosque away from the church away from the pre-summit mom's away from the books to have any chance of finding god squeeze a fraction of the galaxy and your mind and then you have a better idea of what you're looking for to even partially comprehend the scale of single galaxies to all disappear and when you remember all the other galaxies you shouldn't one hundred billion times smaller scale thing you remember what you are the same facts that made you feel so insignificant also tell you how you got here is likely to come more real or maybe the unit becomes more real he suddenly safety certainly the long you do not have to baghdad you do not have to look away insert ma when it's all you have to do is remember to keep breathing the body of the new born baby is as old as the cause must before meeting you and you need for the materials of thirteen point seven billion years old process for nuclear fusion styles fashion by electromagnetics codewords for amazing processes and that they be with you issue your amazing not only a life the way the mind what fall what exchange this every winning lottery ticket epidural when i compare what scientific knowledge has done something what religion trying to do i sometimes literally religion still children they might go to hell and they must believe well science tells children they came from the styles and presents reasoning that can believe auto plenty of young kids about stars in athens and galaxies in the big bang and i have never seen fearing their eyes of the amazement and curiosity they want white kid swimming an adult's drowning what happens to reality between our youngest years madeleine could it be that someone promises something so beautiful talking to the scene still empty even frightened by comparison it might still be made by a creature of some kind of religion make it look religion pains everything else itself is on holding and since wanted beautiful eyes and dignified is there a slice of bigotry like a pig wearing find scrolls in his efforts to stop this facing reality religion has become come the reality cannot face what religion is members soon to ourselves into each other religions sold on the floor loyalty getting into a pool for telepathic father tells his children that love means kneeling before him now i'm not a parent but i say that those kids concert mess cannot be healthy for child or ccs we were told long ago and for a long time that there was only the that we were the center of everything that turned out to be drawn we still haven't fully adjusted was still in shock the universe is not what we expected it to the issue of what they told us it would be this cosmic understanding is all new to us but there's nothing to fear we've still special race relaxed and then might yet be ahead but it isn't going to be perfect we're going to have to deal with cells if i have something that could be called assault would be the same thing and scientists say from religion some people find it really very depressing that the universe from school life thirty please thirty billion years are you fucking kidding me

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Posted by: ateistisrbije on May 6, 2011

Yes, many of those thinkers to whom I owe my mental freedom were religious, like Newton, a Christian, who believed God made the Earth but who then showed me why the Earth would have formed without a god's help. Or Plank and Schrodinger, two more Christians, who believed God ruled the Universe but showed me how God could not control a single electron. The discoveries these and many other people made, the laws they are famous for, are the very things that make gods getting humans pregnant, or angels whispering to prophets in caves, look infantile. I could never and would never question their intelligence. Their honesty and intellectual consistency are a different matter.


I can stand on the shoulders of giants and see what even they seemingly could not.

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