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Why World War III is Inevitable

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WHY WORLD WAR III IS INEVITABLE Why is world war III inevitable? Now this is a point that is we are tumbling down to fast It will still take years but it is now inevitable and world powers are preparing for this as a matter of course Now you have to look at the practical problems that is facing the world You have half the world now in poverty and more of your middle class going towards poverty You virtually have generations that is uneducated that is unable to look after themselves and you have generations exposed to poverty and it escalates into violence more and more often and it will happen more and more often especially in the northern hemisphere And because that will happen there has been an inevitable point that has been driven that all at a subconscious unconscious level must accept that the world has got too many people and that they must be reduced and that that reduction must happen in whatever way possible and this would be then the foundation for war Now fascinatingly enough if you study war and revolutions over time you will notice that war are always based on, most cases - based on the point where The elite will pay for mercenaries This will happen again but this time the mercenary will be the poor The poor will go to war for money to support their family because they will have an income and obviously it will be dressed up that you are doing it for your country, and you are doing it for freedom and for free-choice and for all of those things, but that is not really why you are doing it, you have That's what you believe you are doing it for but that is not how it really works How it really works is that you have no say You are deliberately manipulated into this and inevitably you become a victim of your circumstance and the circumstance has been created by the global mass which is the people There is only one solution we have for this if we have to stop it we need a sustained economic solution One that is equal for everyone and one that would actually be sustainable for the amount of time it will take to re-educate and redress the imbalances in society and obviously it will require massive education and a very good communication in terms of the direction and presentation of the solution that is an equal money system Within an equality system I mean, ever since we started coming at... to the fore to indicate that world war III can now no longer be stopped and that we are tumbling down to it and yes it will still take years we were immediately banned on all our major channels on youtube like at this stage still can't even got onto google plus Yes there is great fear that people may find out how this really work And there's people that has realized that this situation is now inevitable Obviously it is also preprogrammed It means it was always like that it was part of the bible, it's part of many seers that has seen this coming Because it's an automatic outflow of polarity It's not something that is... that difficult to layout Obviously the how to has slightly changed because there has been much... many changes around money and society Money is God and god determines whether we go to war or not and god has determined that we must go to war because God needs money and there is not enough money and war creates lots of money So In the time ahead where there is still a possibility of maybe we change it we will push and see what we can do in terms of creating an... or bringing awareness to an Equal Money System and an Equality System in the world But those of you that has been involved in what Desteni is doing for some years now is quite aware to the extent that the brainwashing now function That it is extreme and violent and aggressive and nasty and hateful and revengeful It is everything possible as a result of the greed of men and remember the desire for greed the desire to be rich is also greed The desire to be more is greed While all of these can be given instead everybody move through a point of taking it and see... see as the right that must exist The "freedom" to take must exist You don't understand if you are free to take you have to take it from someone - you will create war, and that is that is the way war is created through the taking. And look, the banks take the corporations take Everybody is taking Nobody is giving We have a major major problem in the world Will solution be found? We'll see. Join us at Desteni Desteni I Process and Equal Money

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