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Jesús Cochegrús - La importancia de cuidar los ambientes

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Environments are designed. [Small great SECRET] They are designed in three big levels that we'll talk about now. Each one of us is the architect of our person's success. Each one of us is the architect of our person's, our team's, our enterprise's success when designing three environments. What happened to us with this of Covid-19? The corporate and our personal world crashed, collided none other than in our homes and we moved from "home office" to "home everything", right? And it occurred in your home, your team member's, your client's and we felt lost. Here, we'll talk about how to redesign our environment and how to be architects of a new generation of success. Variable # 1: Physical Environment [Environments where you want to play] What is your physical environment activating? We have to create environments that stimulate or foster our creativity, our optimization of processes, our true flow of ideas. If any of you identifies with this photo, identifies their workplace with this photo, I assure you that you won't be very organized. I totally recommend you to watch Marie Kondo's chapters on Netflix or find Marie Kondo's book because organization, truly tidiness will promote certain emotions; it will also allow you to flow more rapidly, plan things better, be more organized. What are the environments of your home, team, and enterprise? What are they saying to others outside? What are you saying to yourself through your physical environment? Second environment to be the architect [#2 OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT] of your company's success: operational environment. How are we operating before this new reality? Definitely Covid arrived and destroyed our operation. We have to redesign, we've done it in the last few months, routines, schedules, roles, responsibilities; we have to do it. To play a video game, there is a universe with clear simple rules and everybody understands how to play. We have to rapidly focus on restoring if we haven't done it, our operational environments under this new reality, and all has to work. What new weapons and powers do you have to invest in? What new tools do you need? What new systems, new methodologies? And not only that, what new skills? There are things we need to learn, but you can also ask for help. Today, you have to find allies. The third environment dimension: the spiritual environment The question is: What do you feel? What atmosphere is there? At home, inside your work team, in your enterprise, entering your offices, what spiritual and human atmosphere is there? What are you fostering among your people, team, family, at home, with your team, with your clients, in your industry? An environment of trust, support, empathy, visibility, or an environment of pressure, stress, intolerance, competition? I don't know what you need to do, my dear, but we need to do whatever is necessary to bring out our best version.

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Jesús Cochegrús - La importancia de cuidar los ambientes

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