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This tutorial will help you navigate the Libraries homepage and determine which search is right for you. There are numerous ways to search for resources from the libraries' homepage. The default search for this site is for UW-Madison's library catalog. This catalog includes books, journals, magazines, and newspapers. Electronic resources, like e-books, online journals, video games, videos and more. There is also an easy way to search for similar items in the UW System. It is important to note that this catalog search will not find individual articles. If you are looking for articles you have several options. Let's start by choosing Articles from the drop down menu. The Articles search searches many databases and therefore millions of articles at the same time. This may be sufficient for some topics, but if you are completing an in depth, subject specific search, or need many scholarly articles, choose databases from the drop down menu. And then the Browse by Subject link. From this browse by subject page you can choose a subject that matches your topic or field of study. It will often be to your benefit to try various subjects because it will lead you to different perspectives on your topic. Each subject link will lead you to a list of databases with information related to that subject. Click on any individual database title to search in that specific database. You could also choose databases from the drop down menu in order to search for databases. If you know which database you'd like to use type the database name into the search box. If you don't know which database you'd like to use, try one of the links below. Choose the Journals tab from the drop down menu when you already have information about an article or journal and want to know if the UW has access. Just enter the exact journal title into the search box. Remember, individual articles are not found in the catalog. The Articles Search searches many databases at one time. The Browse by Subject link leads to finding all of our databases arranged by subject or topic And the Journals search is how you find if the UW has access to specific articles and/or journals.

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