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Timelines & The Equality Equation

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Timelines and the equality equation you can actually, within space time assess- the effectiveness and- validity of any point by- doing a equality equation on a timeline timeline will have certain possible decisions and you will be able to assess the "players" within the decisions in terms of that- how they have done their decisions before especially whether they were "actually able" to change themselves or whether they were just like - advertising their so called ability to do what's best for all but they never "actually do it" so they talk a lot but do nothing that is of any- "actual" consequence obviously within equality and the equality equation consequence must be eternal if it is not "eternal" if it's just a fleeting moment just to gain some- "attention" then it is just a deceiver playing games and you can actually then utilize the equality equation within the timeline outflow because you can measure how long something should take within physical application you can see who's bullshitting you and who's not and I mean have a look at some of the great minds like Steven Hawking's I notice some Destonians - starting to realize that these so called intellectuals are not really- advanced- they are purely being promoted - as the front line of the bullshitters and that- with simple self-forgiveness, common sense, equality equation one can, suddenly realize that these people - that they are the 'greatest minds in the world' they are no match to a Destonian we are not to be fuicked with we are not brain washed zombies like, those that- spew bullshit and try and protect an invalid system make sure you are not invalid- whether you're physically or mentally invalid - an in-valid it is really - the same thing there is no difference the one you can see interdimensionally and the other one you see in the physical fascinating how people fear being an "invalid", 'in-valid' while in fact the mind do that to you completely it takes you to a point where you remain - eternally invalid measure things - practically within the equality equation - each component that it must accumulate to bring about a result and then you can see whether something is in fact worthy of your attention or not and you can see what requires change because it will end up as "abuse" and is being hidden! from plain sight until it's too late and then it's too late then you have to accept it because it's already created and there is nothing you can do about it that's all bullshit yes! there is nothing that you can do about it immediately but if you apply yourself and you do the necessary, preventative action and you "undo" that bullshit that is used to manipulate- humanity and the world in all different ways, then eventually it all ends now we're going to do this with one foul sloop sloo- shoo- shoot you have- that means we're going to do this in "one go" with the equality equation and the equal money system and then one vote one man one vote political solution where everyone present to everyone the simplistic mathematical outflows of decisions and present only! that which is best for all how one can secure the lives of those that is now alive and those that is yet to come and how we can make sure that those that has lived and- died did not die in vain for that investigate the Desteni income plan there will be those that can immediately participate, and there's those that will have to wait 4 to 5 years before you can get a chance but that does not mean that you shouldn't immediately start with applications - in terms of the simplicity of equality, self-forgiveness self-honesty, common sense to bring about, in your actions a new world through the contributions that "you do" in a personal capacity in space time here so that we can measure your timeline to see when the time comes, whether you deserve to be supported in equality or whether you're just an abuser you better prove it and here we have given you the equality equation and the timeline with which you prove your actual support - for Life

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