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(Operator) 911 what's your emergency? (Jeniece Screams) (Ryan) My son is missing (Operator) Ok, Calm down. (Ryan) I don't know what happened. (Operator) How long has the child been missing? (Jeniece) I don't know, I don't know what happened. I don't know where he is. I searched everywhere and I can't find him. (Operator) Ok, ok (Jeniece) Please,Why would someone do this? (Jeniece) Why would anyone take him (baby cries) (Ryan) My son is missing, I don't know what happened. (Operator) Calm down Sir, tell us what happened (heavy breathing) (police car leaves) (Hush little baby lullaby plays) (Radio show intro) (Host) Before we begin with the show today, I need to talk about something in a more serious note. Please be on the look out for a missing 1-year-old baby boy named Aidan in the Pine Mountain area He has short brown hair, blue eyes, and a medium complexion. He was last seen wearing a green Tshirt and jean shorts. (Ryan turns radio off) (Jeniece) Did you hear him last night? (Jeniece) Ryan? (Jeniece) Did you hear him crying last night? (Ryan) I didn’t hear anything last night. (Ryan) Were you dreaming? (Jeniece) No, I was awake. (Ryan) Why don’t you go lay down? I’ll clean up. (Jeniece) I know that I heard him. (Ryan) I’ll be back in a little bit (Ryan) ok, go lay down (mug shatters) (baby laughs) (faint cry) (Hush little baby plays) (playing train noises) (baby laughs) (baby crying) (Jeniece) Aidan? (baby crying continues) (Jeniece) Aidan, Aidan! (Jeniece) Aidan! (baby crying continues) (did you hear him crying last night?) (No I was awake) (Jeniece cries) (Jeniece) Ryan? (Ryan) Is not what you think. (Ryan) I tried, I tried. I tried to save him (Ryan) It wasn't my fault (Ryan)I was only gone for a second. The tub filled up so fast (Jeniece) What do you mean? (Ryan)I tried to save him (Jeniece) Why didn't you tell me? (Ryan) I panicked (Jeniece) Ryan (Ryan) The body, we have to bury the body (Jeniece screams) (Ryan) I tried to help him. I tried to save him (Ryan)I'm sorry baby (Ryan hits Jeniece in the head)

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Posted by: mharri74 on Jun 25, 2019

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