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ZMVC on the beach (ZM Ventura & LA Chapter) (Repository)

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Spreading Awareness - What would you do with your time... ...if money didn't exist... ...and you didn't have to work... ...and the standard of living is high for everyone all over the world? - I would stand right here and fish my fish. - I would spend as much time as I possibly can with my daughter. - Travel. - I don't know. - Coming here to the beach. - Enjoying with my friends. - I have no clue what I'd be doing. - If I didn't have to worry about money? I might work... but work fewer hours... ...because I enjoy what I do. a simple conversation to engange others - Lets say, if you had the chance to change the world for the better - uh, would you? - If I had the chance? Yeah! - Would you? - Yes. ...and if you had the chance to change the world for the better, would you? - Oh definitly! - Definitly. Would you? - Yeah. - Alright, I can see everybody says the same thing. - Housing for everybody would be... - I mean that would be awesome. - Look. - Thank you. - That's for free, that's yours. - Addendum... - Have you heard of it before? - ...beyond politics, beyond poverty - I don't have my glasses on - and beyond war - thank you. - You're welcome. It's just more information it's up to you when you wanna see. - ...but it's not dirty dancing on there? - No, no. watch free online: - Can you imagine a world without money? - Yeah. - How would you live? - Everybody living as one, ...just living in the present, the here and now: not worrying about the future and not tripping on the past.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 16 seconds
Country: Germany
Language: English
Producer: TZM LA/Ventura
Director: TZM LA/Ventura
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Posted by: tzmgermany on Aug 2, 2012

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has" -Margaret Mead- „Zweifle niemals daran, dass eine kleine Gruppe von mutigen und engagierten Leuten die Welt verändern kann. Faktisch ist es immer so gewesen“ -Margaret Mead- Working-Location:

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