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Sadhguru, in these current times we have witnessed the proliferation of a number of spiritual gurus. As a seeker on this path, how do I recognize my guru? If you happen to set your eyes on one, just one in your life, you’re very fortunate. Where did you get to see number of them, I don’t know. It is just that anybody who reads two chapters of Bhagavad Gita can become a guru. Anybody who knows one chapter of Bible can become a guru. Anybody who has read half a book can become a guru. If you’re talking about that, that’s different. Or anybody who just willing to give you a great hope that ‘I will take care of everything in the world’, unfortunately passes off as a guru. We’ve had too many people like this on the planet, and especially in our country, who have been promising us, ‘Don’t worry, I am here, everything will be alright,’ isn’t it so? For all the ages, they have been saying it, isn’t it? But people have been struggling with their daily life as usual. So many people have been blessing you and blessing you and blessing you and still in this country half the people don’t have food in their stomach. Still we don’t even know how to live as basic human beings, Isn’t it so? So if… when you say ‘guru’, you’re referring to a whole band of circus as gurus, all kinds of people who offer solace − people who offer solace, at the most you can call them as saints. They have a certain pleasantness about them. They are pleasant human beings. They are much more pleasant than ordinary human beings on the street and they have good intentions. Good intentions and pleasant nature does not make you a guru. Maybe we can call this person, a holy person, a saintly person, something like this. A guru need not necessarily be pleasant. See I am not! (laughs) Need not necessarily be pleasant because it is not his intention to be sweet to you. His intention is to awaken you, not to put you to sleep. If I am very sweet to you, you’ll feel happy and fall asleep. A guru is somebody who disturbs the fundamental aspects in you. All kinds of conclusions that you have drawn, he disturbs everything in you. He doesn’t allow you to sleep. He is not a solace peddler. He is somebody who is there to assist you towards your liberation. Now solace is once again an effort to survive in the planet, isn’t it? Yes? Psychological solace is just your psychological survival here, isn’t it? If survival is all you are seeking you should not look for a guru, you should look for solace peddling people. You look for a Guru only when you are willing to awaken yourself, when you’re willing to transform yourself, when you’re willing to drop your limitations and go into other dimensions of life. If such longing has not come yet, do not bother about gurus. You settle yourself somewhere, go to a cinema, eat some good food, take a walk in the beach, it’ll help. Now how do I recognize my guru? You don’t look for your guru, okay. You just deepen the longing in you. When you know the pain, when you know the true pain of not knowing, when you know the pain of ignorance, then a guru will happen. You don’t have to look. ‘Even if I see him, how do I recognize him?’ If you sit with him, everything in you should feel threatened. You want to run away, but there is something in you which keeps on pulling you towards him. You don’t want to be there, but there is something in you, keeps drawing you in his direction. You can assume this is your guru. If you don't feel threatened by him if you feel very comfortable with him, then he is not your guru. Maybe he’s your friend, maybe he’s a good man, maybe you should seek his blessings, but he is not your guru. Because if you choose, you will choose what you like, isn’t it? Yes? If you choose, what will you choose? You will choose what you like. What is it that you always like? That which supports your ego, you like. That which punctures your ego, you don’t like. Anybody who supports your ego is your friend, isn’t it so? Anybody who tampers with your ego is your enemy, isn’t it so? So if your guru also is one more who supports your ego, this is a no good guru. If you sit with him you should feel threatened, but still if you’re drawn to him, he’s your guru.

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In this excerpt from, "Ancient Technology for the Modern Mind", Sadhguru clears the air about one's search for a Guru.
Difference between Guru and a Saint or a Holy person..

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