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Alphard vertix

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One year warranty! Because I know the product I sell! My name is Emerson Yamanouchi, I'm from the Eagle Motor of Iwata. Today we going to show you a Toyota Alphard, year 22. Come with me and take a look at this car! Toyota Alphard, model vertigo, year 22. 114 thousand kilometers traveled. Electric benches, sunroof. Really complete, take a look at the internal of that car. EVD, ship, camera, ceiling. The two electric gates, two automatic gates. Turn on the button, very complete. And best of all, 1 year warranty! 1 year warranty because I know the product I sell. The two automatic doors. Very spacious! Take a look inside. The two seats too, if you need even more space Both seats, they are recliners. Car digital monitor for the children watch a DVD, watch a movie. Family car, comfy! Important here for safe shopping. This car is already out with a 1 year warranty here from Eagle Motors 1 year warranty because we know the product we sell! Come take a look here on the front side of that car too! A detail here too that is very important, is the Tenken! This car will leave here already with Tenken 1 year! Revised with 1 year of Tenken. Did you like that car? Come here at Eagle Motors to take a look at him. Take a Test Drive and the best of all are the parcels of this car! ¥ 33,900 per month! Easily you can pay for this parcelinha to ride with a car with comfort. And the 1 year warranty that Eagle Motors offers right. Come here in the store, come and have some coffee with us. We are waiting your visit! Like and share with a friend there that need a cool wagon. Strong hug and until the next.

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Posted by: honda on Nov 15, 2018

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