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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 3/15

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The time field is that which gives you inspiration. If you wanna know whether the time field is really flowing through you or not you can tell because you will be in a state of uplifting gratitude and positive emotion. It is a scientific fact that the more that your mind goes into that state of resonance, of positive attitude, of fearlessness, of courage you are causing time to flow through you faster which means you have the power of eternity at your fingertips, which means you are at the forefront of the human evolutionary process But, this is not something that only relies upon your ingenuity and your dedication to spiritual path. It is something that's being done for you by forces that are very mysterious because they are much greater in what you would normally think of as your conscious mind. You wanna talk about the monolith in "2001" and how mysterios that was, that's not even the beginning of what we are talking about now. This big stone slab shows up and all of sudden all those cavemen learn how to use tools and they can kill each other now and they become the dominant species and then at the point where the movie goes into the present the monolith shows up on the moon, and comander David Bowman at the end of the movie ends up becoming the new Adam, the new species of humanity after he goes through a stargate. There is a lot of things that are known on the inside, and this stuff is not a secret. It's not a secret even though it has been kept secret, it has attempted to be, it is not a secret. all of the information we need is already here, so that we can definetively understand that what is happening to the earth is a naturally occurring process. It's a sacred process, motivated by forces of intelligence that would stagger the imagination. Back in the old days you had LAN system in which a computer was just a monitor and a typewriter and you plugged it up to one central computer and everybody's little "dummy terminal" as it was called was plugged into that one computer. On some level each of us is the dummy terminal. We appear to be separated, we appear to be an identity that has an ego, that has a body, we identify with the body. On some grander level, the body is merely a projection. it's like if you have a prism and light is going to the prism and as it rotates you see these rainbows around the room, each one of you is one of those rainbows Would you say that these rainbows are each an individual generator of light? No. The light is generated by whatever is striking the prism. Those individual pieces of rainbow light are just the reflections of the one light that strikes the prism. If you wanna really get into the esoteric science and understand what the ancient prophecies are telling us and why is it so relevant to what you are going to hear in this talk try to vibe into the fact tha the entire manifest universe, that matter-energy itself is but reflections, of this one, singular light That all visibility in the universe, everything we can measure, is a reflection into what we think is space and what we think is time. When you start really understanding what time is you realize, you can go whatever direction you want, fowards, backwards and sideways. When you understand space, you realize that space doesn't pose any obstacle if you can pop through to time-space, back and forth through space and the time-space you can "wormhole" yourself, or "portal" yourself, or whatever they wanna call it from any point in the universe to any other instantaneously that's how it's done, because there is no actual location. Location is an illusion which is based on the rules of the road, so that we have one intelligent superbeing that has wanted to experience multiplicity. That has want to experience separation so it can reunify. In terms of how that functions in our galaxy, the galaxy is generating intelligent waves, which you are going to see the proof for in this presentation, and those waves upgrade the speed of this time field what I call the source-field, the speed of vibration of the source field is going up. If that speed represents how well you think, it's no different than you upgrading your computer and going from this ridicously bad processor, where you could barely even get any of your websites to load cause it takes so long, and getting this really fast machine where now every page -phfff- Sorry about that, -she almost jumped right up her seat!- I'll try to do that a little more delicately next time. (... better? OK) So, it got... It broke me out of my trance now. Now I got to actually talk form the ego. "How's it going man?" "What the hell was I talking about?" Alright, let's see we got to read... we got to get the download back in play here. When we understand that this energy field is part of the galaxy, that the galaxy is a conscious being, the galaxy has energy that must be conscious. The energy that is in the entire universe must be conscious, and it must create life. Life is the divine imprimateur of all energy in the universe, all energy is built to crate life. The physicist call this the "Goldilocks" principle, and they don't even have a clue, as to how far the Goldilocks principle goes. "It's not too hot, it's not too cold, it's just right." That's what they are talking about in terms of planets like ours, and how we have just the right amount of oxigen, just the right amount of water, just the right temperature, all these things are perfect, it's not an accident. Life on earth is not some random little thing that only happes once in the history of the cosmos. Life on earth is actually programed to be here. Because -we have to get rid of this idea- (we don't have to) I try not to use must and have to, 'cause those are very strong words. It'd be beneficial... ... to learn that there are forces out there much greater than the human intellect, much greater than the ego, much greater than the body. That there is forms of consciousness that could be an entire planet, that could be the sun, that could be the galaxy, which is really nothing more than a bunch of suns and planets in a big cluster. Well, we can prove that that's going on. So I'm going to start showing you some things here. The first criticism that anyone will have when you go into a 2012 discussion is they say "well, nothing is really that different, everything's the same." We are pretty much doing the same thing now that we've always been doing. We get a little progress here, a little progress there, but nothing is really going on right now There is nothing unique or special about this time in history, and I beg to differ. This is a picture that you are going to see from the fires in Australia, you may not think of this but Koalas in the wild are actually quite dangerous. They'll claw you and scratch you, and they'll attack viciously to protect their home but when it comes to these earth changes this koala was more than willing to accept nourishment and love from a human. The wild koala. He's not scratching, he's not attacking. Now, this is the thing that people don't seem to understand. The universe is built to deliever the experiences that are already happening. The universe is not a cosmic conforter that hands you a lollipop when you don't love yourself and says "Oh, I'm gonna send you all this people who are gonna love you because you dont love yourself, and, oh, I'm sorry you don't love yourself, let me send you loving people. Is that how it works? What happens to you when you don't love yourself, what does the universe send to you? Does it send you a lollipop? "Hey, look at that, that person doesn't love themselves, that person doesn't have a high opinion of themselves, I have a puppet now, I can manipulate that I can make that person do what I want because they are too afraid...

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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