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2012 part 1 2/3 Angels Aliens and Nature Spirits Oh My

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Like fairies, they appear to be curious of people but at the same time without sympathy or real contact. In some stories, they withdraw the eggs from women's bodies to use in their own reproduction, as often they appear unable to reproduce without the help of human beings. (The story of Jesus) They are beyond human notions of good and evil. They simply ARE, with no apparent rhyme or reason, no apparent ethical base. They mirror back human characteristics and emotions. They are not on any side. They are there to heal our relationship with what was once our friend and now is the unknown or labelled as evil, and thus becomes what we say it is. Remember, humanity is its own self-fulfilling prophecies. I´m not saying that Jesus necessarily was a reproduction of an alien I´m just saying that it seems very similar I just want to clarify that. Other people´s experiencies. To label a race or being as "bad" for what a few rogue beings have done has always seemed rather primitive to me, racist and not fair. I would fight with my dad about reptiles,telling him they are not all bad, only 30 percent, and the rest are lightworkers trying to help. These beings come from another dimension that of space and time, which seems more scientific, more suited to the spirit of the age than heaven or the past is. like fairies, like angels, they affect our notions of time People talk of losing entire hours on board a spaceship, just as the fairies stole time from those they took, and the angels took humans out of the reach of time. They carry within them the same arbitrary powers as do angels and fairies. Sometimes, they also carry messages of judgment for us and what we are doing to this planet. Because all of us are children of our age, we become very anxious in the face on the notion of aliens than of fairies or angels. Because aliens are the expression of a scientific age, an age that is post-industrial an age that no longer believes wholeheartedly in progress and is in fact afraid of its restless, spiralling confusion. We are not sure anymore if we truly believe in the world of rationalism. In short, even the most hardened sceptic has moments of doubt as to that all-embracing theory. Of course, we know that the field is open to all kinds of charlatans and hoaxers, but some abduction theories are, indeed, troubling. Not the least beacuse of tellers seem like such unremarkable, unimaginative people to whom something inexplicable has happened, and who stick to their stories through thick and thin. They often sound like they wish the whole thing had never happened to them. They speak of it ruining their lives, and there are always the skeptics, as in any age. Imagine the horse-laugh of those who didn't believe Ezekiel, or the sneer behind “away with the fairies.” And in this age, more than any other, we are aware of the tyranny of the skeptic or ungodly. So what? Are we supposed to believe not only in the existence of aliens, but also fairies and angels? Are we to be eternally credulous, believing everything that comes along? That is what the New Age is or the old age? A world both without religion and science, an abyss haunted with every ancient and modern monster, where the mind knows no barriers and the spirit no guidance? It is, I suppose, the artist´s response: the knowledge that there are, indeed, more things on heaven and earth that are dreamed of in any philosophy, in any single system. My guides told me that fairytales and myths was the most accurate piece of history we have to date because it has not been tampered with, as the majority believes it is not real anymore. My dad also told me that Star Wars is a true story, but it is our past. The knowledge of myths expresses more truly the deepest spiritual truths than any careful exposés, any rationally-argued proofs. The gates between our deepest and highest levels are not always shut. In myth, in religion, in art, they are open, and through them mingle all kinds of things wich can seem surprising and even terrifying. And for those who are not used to unlocking those gates, why they can sometimes open by themselves, scaring the wits out of the person experiencing it. For if the mind is not invited to feast on things unseen, if it is not allowed to find truth in myth, at all kinds of levels, it will rebel. It will throw those images anyway. Oh, you can run, but you cannot hide. How many lives have we run from ourselves? (See my poem “Cleaning Out the Closets.”) Like in the Bugs Bunny cartoon being chased by their foe, and so they disguise themselves with arbitrary things like fake mustaches, wigs, and makeup and say, “Huh? He went that a way.” So the game continues as we find ourselves in this life where we have nowhere to go, where we can no longer put off cleaning out our closets. And what is our closet but our psyche? Faith is a truth of the psyche, of the spirit. It is a thing which we ignore at our peril. Some of us are lucky enough to be legitimately in pursuit of this, whether theologically, or artistically. But those who can't, who won't, where does that leave them? In those days when angels were real and the days when fairies were real, that was not such a psychological impasse. But in a time when to translate such realities is seen as a “magical realism,” the mind must still, nevertheless, fasten on something. There is, to my mind, something curiously impoverished of the stories of aliens and alien abductions. There is always surgery, something that appears rational, and always batteries of scientific instruments. That is surely because we are no longer “allowed” to believe in the more ancient manifestations, so that we must tie our myths desperately to a semblance of rationality. It's “possible” for us to really determine if there are extraterrestrials. Aliens are useful because although their existence appears possible, in reality, it is simply impossible to have total proof they exist. Because we cannot travel at beyond the speed of light, or can we? In the end, we need as much faith to believe in aliens as in angels or fairies, or to be fully in touch with what we knew to be true when we were a child before all the conditioned programming. But what do these strange kin have in common? What do they represent? What core do they touch in us? They are all alien, neither good nor evil, ...what is that? They are all alien, neither good nor evil, removed somehow from us, yet strangely kin to us as well. They are symbolised by circles. They practice abductions. They are not of this world, but neither are they decisively out of it. They appear to be a minor, but powerful symbol of immanence, of the strange-speaking silence of the universe, of the otherworld we feel all around us but only dimly glimpse, only fleetingly grasp.Yet they hold terrors for us. What lies beyond the borders of our human lives, (David Icke and Arizona Wilder come to mind) our human everyday thoughts and feelings may also be scary. If we will be able to see spaceships, aliens, fairies, will we also be able to see dragons? Will the people see their leaders for what they really are? Will it be like that Simpsons Halloween episode with Kang and Kodos running as Dole and Clinton, where it does not matter which one you vote for you´ll still be slaves? This is definitely an old timeline paradigm where people are so drugged up and afraid that they will just comply with the reptiles. With the new paradigm, what will people do when they see the reptiles? No wonder, within peoples’ psyches, when it comes to the other realms, we are not sure whether we truly want to enter with them, to understand, for then we would lose that very quality of humanity, our life of conforting labels. They are shape-shifters. Constantly, they twist and turn and show themselves in all kinds of different lights, so that even as I write, I see them change again, transmuting, never still, like a cloud, like water, like us. I bet you are wondering how this all works exactly. I was told that crop circles were made by star beings sending a telepathic message to the nature spirits, and it would be them that would actually make the patterns the sacred geometry of it, in hopes to trigger our memory of who we were of who we are, and what kind of reality we live in. As nature spirits are the ones who have the harmony with the planet, so much so that they can bend wheat without breaking it. Is this true, or just another stepping stone to grasp a greater truth? My dad told me once how a blue fairy from the moon came to visit him and did some healing on him. I was like "what, nature spirits on other planets?" Are they alien too? Well, in a sense they are. I then was blasted to the time I retorted to the kids in school "aliens are angels and angels are aliens!" Where did that come from? What did I know at that time? Again, only a child really understands this. I highly recommend you look at pictures of yourself when you were five and under. Look deep into your eyes, and you will tap into your mind at that time. You will bring what you knew then to yourself to this present moment.

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If you want to read what i wrote and am sharing here with you and can not hear everything because of the sound quality or because i am talking to fast you can find this article on my website under jessica writings 2012 series or on my for-OM 2012 saga
In this video i speak about the connection all these beings have and their similarities. What and who they are and how they relate and see each other

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