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Julie & Julia

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I'm Julia Child, Bon Apetit! (narrator) Before she she changed the world, Julia Child was just an American, living in France (Julia) Shouldn't I find something to do? What is it that you really like to do? Eat! And you're so good at it! Yeah, I am good at it. And you're so good at it! Yeah, I am good at it. (narrator) But what does Julia Child have to do with me? Lowly cubicle worker Julie Powel? So how's your job, Julie? [phone rings] So how's your job, Julie? [phone rings] (phone) Are you the person to speak to about my insurance form? [phone rings] (phone) Are you the person to speak to about my insurance form? You can speak to me You have any power? No. (friends) Heartbreaking. So sad. Painful. Not in a bad way. [cell phones ringing] Do you think I'm lost? Is this lost? if you met me would you think that woman is lost? I would think that woman is strangely repetitive. Did you hear what happened to this one? Showtime bought my blog for a miniseries. I could write a blog. I have thoughts. (Eric) Write a blog about cooking. (Julie) I'm not a real cook like Julia Child. (Eric) Julia Child wasn't always Julia Child. Why don't I go to cooking school? Bonjour! The Julie / Julia Project. I cook my way through Julia Childs cookbook. 365 days, 524 recipes. I am risking my well-being for a deranged assignment. Is it crazy? Yes. You should have seen the way those men looked at me. But then they discovered I was fearless. Oh Julia - you make it sound so simple. [sigh] [metal pop, then scream] Your book is going to change the world. What if I don't make my deadline? I will have wasted a whole year of my life. I used to be thin, and now I'm fat. Just your face. (Eric) It's supposed to be a big adventure, but it just turns out to be a lot of meltdowns. Yuck! [crying] There's all of this stuff on the floor. (Julia on tv) Oh. Never apologize. (Eric) This is good. (Julia) That is good, isn't it. [music: ] I was drowning and she pulled me out of the ocean. Don't get carried away. (Paul) What's for dinner? (Eric) What's for Dinner? (Julia) Oh my. You have no antenna for cooking. Pffft. (narrator) Based on true stories.

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