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Australian Hot Spring

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Discover a wonderful way to enjoy relaxation and well-being here at Peninsula Hot springs. One and a half hours south of Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, a new world of relaxation awaits. Ancient hot mineral springs rise to the surface from 637 meters below the surface, and into the public pools and private baths. Connecting generations and cultures in re-harmonization, the public pools provide visitors with many bathing expeiences. Inspired by travels within Australia, and throughout the globe. With pool temperatures varying from 12 to 43 degrees Celsius, the natural thermal mineral waters are theraputic for the skin, muscles, and circulation. Enhance your mind, body, and sprit in this special environment. The bath house cafe and kiosk is a perfect environment to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (served seven days a week) Try the "Dine and Bathe" package for a blissful and unique culinary experience. Surrender yourself to the complete luxury of the private Spa Dreaming Center, a place where time is forgotten, and stream and the sound of running water fill the air. Here, quiet blissful relaxation is the order of the day, everyday. With massages, mud, Australian aboriginal inspired treatments, and facials from France, this world of thermal spring bathing has its perfect partner with the world of spa therapies. The Spa Dreaming Center has its own cafe, where robes and towels are standard attire, and relaxed conversations are part of the Code of Harmony. So relaxed you don't want to go anywhere? Well, don't! Complimentary buggies will take you to your accommodation at Moonah Links Resort, where bliss turns to this. As evening sets in, a new world and the heavens come to life. Time slows down, and the steam picks up. There is a place where time stands still, and simply allows you to be. For more imformation, visit the website on your screen.

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Posted by: greenbo on Jun 26, 2010

A preview of Peninsula Hot Springs, south of Melbourne

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