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PoT Mini Theater

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Seigaku vs. Rikkai Another Fight!? Singles 3 Ryoma Vs. Akaya Echizen Ryoma Vs. Kirihara Akaya i'm gonna crush you you still have lots more to work on you...suchi suchi... speak japanese! you seaweed head bastard! what was that, bastard!? i'm gonna dye you red! look that way... i lost, i lost! mada mada dane (National Achi Mite Hoi tournament) Achi Mite Hoi Desicive singles Doctor Vs. Professor Sadaharu Inui Vs. Yanagi Renji it's been a long time... 4 years, 2 months and 15 days i won't go easy just because of our history together of course, that's how i want it right now, you're thinking of going right the probability of going right thinking i'll know not to go left go right because i'll read through it is 72% the probability of you going right because i'll know not to go left and go right... Tarundoru! so you'll go up and so i'll go up is 72% the probability of you going right because i'll know not to go left and then i'll know not to go right is 72% and i'll go up Tarundoru! and then i'll read through it and Tarundoru! that i'll go down Tarundoru! and you'll read through it is 89%! 2 less Tarundoru, so i win one more time... as you wish... this isn't a game that can be thrown away so easily Senpais! it really doesn't matter but can we start Achi Mite Hoi already?! i'm going home ( Inui's Observation Day Narrative ) this tape contains the Seigaku Regulars... a certain, unexpected situation Echizen Ryoma's case what's this? oh well... Echizen Ryoma not interested in love letters Momoshiro Takeshi's case im late!!! ah, slippers, slippers... what? a confession to me? ah crap! i have no time concerned about this! no time! Momoshiro Takeshi too thickheaded Kawamura Takashi's case what's this? Great! Kawamura goes burning even from love letters Kaidoh Kaoru's case Kaidoh Kaoru blushes Fuji Shusuke's case Fuji Shusuke opens his eyes for a moment Shuichiro Oishi's case this is - a love letter this is bad! i cant just reply to a thing like this immediately! i have to think about the sender's feelings but, at this moment tennis is more important! Oishi Shuichiro now then, how am i supposed to bring him back to reality Kikumaru Eiji's case hey! Oishi! ah, there you are wait for me, Oishi! Kikumaru Eiji fails to notice Tezuka Kunimitsu's case Tezuka Kunimitsu glasses of light i got some valuable data... cut that crap out! ( A day with Sanada ) ah, good timing Sanada, will you model for me? model? ( Art room ) i can't seem to find any inspiration... got it! do this there do this there hmmm... i have a good feeling about this Yu...Yukimura how long i am supposed to do this? about 3 hours 3 hours!? no way i'm gonna do this Sanada... you have some nerve understood Sanada, i'm counting on you! okay... no problem... hey captain! whatcha painting? unforgivable! sorry, sorry vice captain i'll find you another model another model? ( National Art Exhibition ) (Title: Sanada's birth) (Artist:Yukimura Seiichi) Winner how's my idea? the probability he would help was 84% he lent a hand again Niou Kirihara! ( subbed by: iericka ) ( )

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Duration: 7 minutes and 28 seconds
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: iericka on May 30, 2009

PoT Mini Theater...

( Efforted by: iericka )

time used: 2 1/2 hours =_=

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