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Laughing Man, El Risitas Interview - No Subtitles

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Så jeg spørger o fhfhdhhdhd

ok hvor sværorjfhf

så griner jeg bare af det

hvad fanden sker der hdheueue Ja du tror det er løgn! Vildt! Som i vildt! SÅ tager han bare deres naavne... men det værste er... de ikke aner en skid om det der sker! I told him we can do SAMBC only with GST Al said lets talk to Govt Relations to implement GST Modi is a Gujju and so am I together we can get GST done... He thinks we will let go of Internal CFR so easily... How innocent... The new proposal is to have Depot Service Level Funny that entire Sales team and even the distributors have fallen for this stunt The future of service is truly exciting.. we have staffed a full time role as well Let's talk of something core to PS - T&W where we delivered 15% NSS 20% was delivered by Octroi elimination but T&W operations added 5% cost in this year

So net we delivered 15% and we are getting awards for it from the region Ankur even got promoted... Organization is worried about careers so we decided to have career traids All of the B1's and B2's actually believed that their careers are now on track to grow Gyani spent one full month to track the status of triads as well That was the most hilarious moment in the year Even our OHA scores went up HR is taking all the credit for it What about fiscal results? What results would you want to know about? All the SNO scorecard measures are green... Even the ones we are yet to start measuring But the business is in deep red !!! We have undershipped BOP every month But Mohit maintains that we have the best forecasting accuracy in the region !!!

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Posted by: goproking on May 11, 2016

Laughing Man, El Risitas Interview - No Subtitles

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