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Gee - SNSD

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An anti-SNSD video Lyrics and Subbed by: zahanega Finally! Time to leave these creeps Minho -exit stage left- Uh huh Listen boy My 51st love story My InSanes and my [plastic] girls My SoShit Let's go! You thought we left for good But guess what we're back again To annoy you with our whining voices Geegeegeegee babybaby Aren't we so cute? Pretending to be cute and giving you a headache Geegeegeegee we're pathetic pathetic Oh well Tiffany apologized [for insulting all her sunbaes] So that means we're still the good girls [who were never virgins] Because we're still wearing pants until we get off set... Then we're off to sleep with our manager and a bunch of other people in the buisness Just so We can bribe them to support a talent-less group like us Did we improve at all during our 8 month vacay? Nonononono Are we still pretending to be cute virgins? Oh oh oh oh oh We love to humiliate our sunbaes cuz it makes us go Gee gee gee gee gee Like Zhang Li Yin and Hangeng Oh yeah! and Kim Ji Suk Oh yeah yeah yeah SM isn't doing too well financially ever since we debuted It's because they've spent all their money cleaning up after our messes Gee gee gee gee we're ruining kpop kpop We don't need to work hard Just give DBSK or SuJu a call and leech off of them Gee gee gee gee we're lazy lazy What happened to my dignity? It went with the lipo~ Then are we gonna be in a porno soon? [only if you flaunt your goodies to the producer again] But I wanna wanna wanna show the world That's a great idea for our next album Our next goal can be to land on the cover of a porno mag Listen girls we need to focus on our lame and recycled dance moves Idiot fans Can't they tell that we can't dance or sing? Did we ever really go through training? No no no no no Or did we just do splits in front of crowds of ajusshis Oh oh oh oh oh After hearing this song they'll need to go to therapy Gee gee gee gee gee Oh wait its the part they've all been waiting for Oh yeah! It's time to ripe off your pants boys Oh yeah yeah yeah Here I am in my pajamas I spent 8 months training for this moment We're just as lame as ever But at least we're in a neat line for the ajusshis to pick from Now that we've made our comeback it's time to take another 8 month break Do we even like this buisness? No no no no no But wait there's that spotlight that Tardfanny is always trying to steal Oh oh oh oh oh But our fans will like our ass shaking Gee gee gee gee gee Even though the rest of the world will be hurling in disgust Oh yeah! We'll still be here Oh yeah From now on the Kpop world will be crowded with usless plastics like ourselves Oh no no no no no no Or we can be decent for once and launch ourselves in a rocket to the sun Oh oh oh oh oh Actually I'd rather just spend all of the agencies money and go shopping Gee gee gee gee gee Let's spend Minho's paycheck! Oh yeah! Or even Yunho's money Oh yeah yeah yeah Oh thank the Rising Gods of the East that they're gone! -cue fake and nasal sounding laughter-

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Duration: 3 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Zahanega
Director: Zahanega
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Posted by: zahanega on Feb 15, 2010


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