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Jimmy Fallon on SNL Promo

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Hi, I'm Jimmy Fallon hosting SNL this weekend with... Musical guest Justin Timberlake No, he couldn’t make it, his flight was cancelled. What? Ah, dude we're kidding. We're just kidding. Justin will be here. Happy Holidays everybody! Hi, I'm Jimmy Fallon. And I'm Justin Timberlake. And I'm hosting this musical guest this weekend on SNL. Yeah! It's gonna be some sexy on top of it. Sexy back. Se... What is it? We're here. Watch SNL. This weekend. Watch SNL. Answer the phone. Justin is here. We are here. SNL. You are the one. -Watch this weekend SNL episode. -Ba da ba da. Hi, I'm Jimmy Fallon hosting SNL, this weekend our musical guest: Justin Timberlake. [Jimmy starts crying] Oh I'm... Why did you do that? I'm sorry. I was kidding. That's my jacket! -Yeah I know. -It is my jacket! It's your jacket, it's not your face. Oh God! Why is it? Why was it? What did you put on there? This is a ...... episode. Hi I'm Jimmy Fallon hosting Saturday Night Live. This weekend musical guest Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake. That's right. And I'm hosting... Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake the musical guest. But more importantly... -Justin Timberlake. -Coming home. Coming home time. Oh it's Justin Timberlake. Coming home. Bringing it. Hi, I'm Jimmy Fallon hosting SNL this week with musical guest Justin Timberlake. Here we are. It looks like it's snowing but it's actually pitching dropping. Happy Holidays everybody. I'm Jimmy Fallon hosting SNL this weekend with musical guest Justin Timberlake. And it's like a mirror... [Mumbling] [And more mumbling] [Guitar music] ♪I'm Jimmy Fallon and I'm hosting SNL♪ ♪This weekend with musical guest♪ ♪Justin Timberlake♪ ♪I am Kate McKinnon and I'll be there too♪ -♪And I'm not hosting but I'm gonna be there and I'm excited♪ -♪Justin Timberlake♪ ♪On our christmas show♪ ♪Justin Timberlake♪ ♪Jimmy's turning 'round and now Imma turn around♪ ♪Kate McKinnon♪ ♪We’re on the balcony right now I could fall down but I won’t. ♪ ♪Justin Timberlake♪ ♪Cuz I wanna be at the christmas show, at the christmas show♪ ♪Let's hit christmas show♪ Oops. Did I break it? No, did I break you? -No. -No? -Never. -They didn't break you?! I'm unbreakable! [Music] -♪ Legs up♪ -♪ Legs up♪ -♪ Legs up for the christmas show♪ -♪ Legs up♪ ♪ Put your legs up♪ -♪Light is up, our legs up♪ -♪ Legs up♪ ♪Got a guest star at our christmas show♪ -♪You know I got a leg up♪ -♪Pull another step toward♪ ♪for the christmas show♪ ♪So put your legs up♪ -♪Smells like time for the christmas show♪ ♪So put your legs up for the christmas show♪ He's the musician. This weekend.

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Year: 2013
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Jimmy Fallon hosts Saturday Night Live with Musical Guest Justin Timberlake

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