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Jesus 3 - Why People Kill me

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: What Really Happened 3 - Why people Kill me (Jesus) Hi this is Jesus ok so let's look at the crucifixion again crucifixion of me representing the crucifixion of human beings as a true expression of themselves as oneness and equality 'freedom' within self-expression and, what does it believe in? god or even a bible represent what exist within human beings still that read the bible that, worship and pray to a god or the belief in the Jesus of me that is coming 'on a cloud' to save humanity they are actually, supporting the crucifixion they are actually supporting the crucifixion of themselves as a true self-expression that they are they actually remorse in guilt, denial fear judgment within themselves because what has been passed on from generation to generation to generation? is the actual guilt within those beings whether they're aware of it or not of firstly allowing the crucifixion, of themselves as their truth self-expression that they are and human being have been living with that guilt that remorse that judgment and that fear within themselves, for eons of time that's why the concept of 'god' comes in because human beings at that moment experience such a sense of guilt remorse fear judgment that a concept of a god was formed because they could not find a way to forgive themselves for what they have allowed now, this I am talking about the let's call it the higher awareness of yourself each human being back then it exist within all of humanity human beings are so aware of themselves and have always been it is extensive and you will realize it the moment you become aware of yourself even- or even allow yourself and they realize even at that time so what sins of the fathers has been passed on from generation to generation to generation? sins of the father of the guilt of the moment their remorse, their fear their judgment of self for allowing that to manifest and that's why human beings hide behind the concept of god because of fear of what was done, way back then so rather hide behind the worshiping entity separated from self than actually having to face that guilt that shame that anger that remorse and that sorrow for what was allowed way back then, for the crucifixion one self's self-expression and human beings are aware of that I mean how many human beings still pray it continues to fill that emptiness that hollowness that- unfulfillment going to church, more fervently- praying more fervently doing everything more extensively, to trying to fulfill that emptiness that hollowness that nothingness within them it doesn't seem to be able to fulfilled by anything not even going to church or go praying or go reading a holy book or worshiping an entity separated from self I mean, what is required to step forth into this world is self-honesty and, that's the one point human beings fear within themselves self-honesty that one singular point and what did I realize also when I was crucifix on the cross in terms of I have to realize I'm not able to judge any of these beings that they did not understand what they were doing they did not realize what they were actually doing in that moment and that I was merely a representation of who human beings really are and so there would have been many in this world that still claim let's say disguised as myself (laugh) not really me but human beings standing up for who the rest of the world really is before it happen they got 'crucifixed' just in different ways which is murdered, assassinated removed from the world by the white light they were always here that's where the- it is fascinating that the book of the bible is so misinterpreted of Jesus coming in a cloud but an interesting thing is what if I've always been here, what if I've always come but every time humanity has crucifixed that expression of me just in different ways what would that mean? that would mean: beings that have come to earth that have been here that have actually stood up that have actually represented the truth that have actually represented the statement of who humanity really is that they are every time crucifixed literally go back in history have a look there were beings, that actually had the ability to make a difference they stood up they spoke they were murdered or assassinated immediately, who does that? not just a being who were involved, no all of humanity collectively my crucifixion same situation who made that choice? all of the beings basically the world in that moment, all stood together the fear not realizing everyone waiting for Jesus come in a cloud please, completely misinterpreted there were beings who come as me, that was what actually meant crucifixed every time and to go back, I trained twelve beings on earth because I realized I'm not able to do this only because other wise human beings that are hearing me or seeing my self-expression won't allow them to apply and live and express themselves and spread it to all human beings on earth and so I said to the twelve disciples that in the beginning I told them: You will become one and equal with me because you will go to four corners of the world and spread the living word, to all the living word, it's simple but yet the moment I left, fear interjected worried interjected judgment doubt etc. and they left-ed they didn't do, what I was asking them to do didn't support their own self-expression their own understand their own realization and, I've told them I would return I would return to come and check up- on their application their expression, their manifestation of themselves of the world I didn't say how when where or nothing! I just said I will return and from there everything went haywire and you can see now, human beings believing in a god that doesn't existed in a Jesus that will come in a cloud and here I am, and I am saying I won't so you are either able to continue waiting until you die and realize there is no other god and oh Jesus- Jesus is just one and equal with me he is just another being the entire concept of god was just created for further enslavement of separation now what is interesting I am certain there are many beings will ah! oh no please that's a lie! I don't believe you really? look honestly within yourself why do you have this belief? is it- because it is supporting you in your self-expression? or you have done it because you were born into a family with such a belief and you were trained to believe, such a belief interesting where are you in that equation? what if you are not born in such a family? where would you be then? thank you very much, this is Jesus More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: L. Ron Hubbard, Aaron Spelling, Adam Weishaupt CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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