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Spread - Official Video!

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[music: One Night Only - "You and Me"] Los Angeles, California. When I first came out here, I had a dream. A dream of an easy life. Hot chicks, sports cars, drinking cocktails by the pool. Guess what? Most of it came true. Hi, I'm Nikki. Hey Nikki! >>Nikki >>Nikki, hi. Why? It's not like you're getting any from me. (Nikki narrating) When a girl tells you you're not getting any - before you even try - Do you have a bathtub? You're gettin' some. No boots in the bed. It's my bed. The boots go, or I go. I'm going to New York for a few days, I thought you might want to stay here. (man) Nice spread, man. (Nikki) Yea, it is, isn't it. Can I get you anything else? How about a phone number? I just thought we'd get a cup of coffee or something. When I leave here, the last thing I want's coffee. (Nikki) There's this girl working at this coffee shop - I got a little thing going with her. (girl) What are we drinking to? Trouble. Don't let me screw this one up. I like this girl. (girl) I'm sorry, I have to go. What do you mean, you have to go? (girl) Will you call me? (Nikki) No. Are you sure? Hey, this is Nikki. (girl) Can I call you right back? (Nikki) Call you back? Doesn't that mean like 15 minutes? (guy) You say it all the time. It's been like 12 hours. (guy) And that sucks, doesn't it? What are you doing? Am I interrupting anything? So when did you decide to stop playing with me? What makes you so sure I stopped? ♪You and me ♪ ♪ equality ♪ (Nikki) When I first came here, I though every day was going to be a Van Halen video Damn you, Van Halen.

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Director: David Mackenzie
Views: 236
Posted by: newmovies on Jun 30, 2009

SPREAD is a fresh, funny, and racy look at the trials and tribulations of sleeping your way to a life of privilege in Los Angeles. Comic and karmic, the film is an “immorality tale” about a gorgeous guy who gives women what they want in order to live exactly as he likes.

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