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Space News - Live Show 3.36

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In 1969 a group of astronauts changed the world. They walked on the Moon. Neil Armstrong: That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind. In 1972 our journey ended. We've never been back. 2010 begins a year of change, private companies are working on next generation space ships. Governments are looking to go back to the Moon and on to Mars. It's time to look up and dream again. It's time to push Humans in to the Cosmos. It's time to educate and engage the planet. It's time for Spacevidcast. Welcome to Spacevidcast 3.36 for Friday, November 12, 2010. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham. With me, as usual, is the beautiful, lovely, wonderful and talented Cariann Higginbotham. We'll be your hosts for this evening. And much like Space Shuttle Discovery, we've had a few pad aborts tonight. Cariann: We have! Ben: Well, they really didn't pad abort. Cariann: Not that you'd know that because you're probably watching us on demand. Ben:So you should watch us live. It's way more fun. And a quick reminder for everyone: Because daylight savings time is no ionger in effect, if you changed your clocks back, that means that this show is one hour earlier. Cariann: Unless your watching us live, and then it's eighteen hours later. Ben: Chatroom would be laughing at that. But seriously, exactly one hour earlier. I was watching the opening and I was smiling inwardly because that's the first time, I think, EVER, since we've ever done this show, that the open played at full frame rate. And there was no weird stuttering and that's because of Perforce Software who has sponsored Spacevidcast. And purchased the full HD setup that allows us to switch three cameras, uncompressed and broadcast in HD and to mobile devices like an iPad, iPodTouch,iPhone, Android 2.2 and Roku boxes. Thank you very much Perforce. If you are a software developer head it over to and you'll see one of the banners down here for URL information. They actually have two licenses that you can just have. It's not a trial. You can just have it. So thank you very much And speaking of Roku. We're going to be giving away this Roku box for all you patient live viewers out there. I feel like I should just give one to everyone who is watching live at this point. Cariann: If I could afford that I would and yet I cannot, so I won't. This is a Roku HD box, courtesy of Roku. We'll be giving one of these away once per week, LIVE on the show. The idea being that you plug this into your high definition television, plug the internet into your high definition television and you can watch internet TV using this neat little box. And we've actually got our own Spacevidcast Channel thanks to Pete which has well over 30,000 installs. So this little box is truly helping make space, common place, and get Spacevidcast in front of everyone. They've got it at the Space Traveler's Emporium in San Diego. They've got it up on the big HDTV and that's the idea. Grab one of these before the launch. Put it on your HDTV. Bring your friends over. Watch the launch in glorious HD right there on your television and interact. Right? Because our shows are not just, "Hey! Here's a shuttle launch," we're two-way interactive fun. You can participate in the show. You have your laptop in the chatroom. It's going to be really cool. Cariann: I have always likened Space Shuttle launches to the Superbowl. Because for spacegeeks, that's really what it is. So make some chili, pop some popcorn and ... Ben: Win one of these so you can watch it on your HDTV. Actually, if we've got any developers out there that would love to get on GoogleTv as well as Boxee. That would be kinda cool to get on all those little devices. PlayStation 3 would be great if we could find a way to do that live. All the little consoles. Every single one of those. No matter what device you have, you can watch it. Boom! Right there in HDTV courtesy of Perforce Software. Thank you, guys, very much for that. It's helped us a tremendous amount. And "No," not a Commodore64. Alright Our first story. STS-133: We were down there, we were ready to broadcast in High Definition and what happened? Cariann: Nothing. Ben: Nothing happened. Literally we drive an hour each direction to get to the press site, we'd show up and get, "No it's off for the day. Can't go today. There's a leak." So, yeah. Space Shuttle Discovery sprung a couple leaks and in the end there was a GUCP leak as well as a crack in the External Tank's foam where ice had formed near the under belly of the orbiter. Look at this. I've got props. Cariann: Well then. We know how we love props. Ben: Yep. It's actually...I don't know if I'm going to be able to do this. There ya' go. I can't do it. I'm going to break the LEGO™ model. So yeah. It's near the under belly of the orbiter and you don't want that foam flying off at a few hundred miles per hour and striking the back side of the orbiter. That would be bad. So they need to fix that. Now normally for something like that, they'd roll the shuttle back into the Vehicle Assembly Building. Repair it there under controlled conditions and then roll it back to the launch pad. But we are trying to make a Dec. 30th launch window. We've got a No Earlier Than Nov. 30th launch window. I've been doind that all night. November 30th launch window. We've got a No Ealier Than November 30th launch date. That window closes on Dec. 5th or 6th. Can somebody in the chatroom confirm that. We were arguing that. When does that window close. On the fifth or the sixth? Cariann: I say the fifth. Ben: We're going to call that about a business week long, or so. Right? Yeah, I believe it's a Beta angle again. At least that's what I read. Meaning that if they try to dock with the International Space Station the orbiter would be pointed in such a way to the sun that it would overheat essentially. December 5th. Thank you. You were right, I was wrong. Two points to you. C is greater than B. Right there. C is greater than B. So we're not going to see...They've got alot to do is my point. Cariann: Yes they do. Ben: They've got to fix stuff out at the pad that they normally roll back and they've got to do that in eighteen days. That's not alot of time to do this. Cariann: Scary. I'm not 100% convinced we're going to see that launch. I think we're going to see that launch window come and go and that this whole launch will be pushed back. If they miss launch window we're looking at a 2011 launch date for Space Shuttle Discovery. It is the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery. But if we do make this November launch, early December launch, it's going to be epically awesome because it's a night launch again. Now it's going to be the third, final night launch. I realize that. Cariann: The final, final, final... Ben: Night launch. So I'm not even going to call it the final launch. Space shuttle launches, at night, are awesome. It's like a miniature sun rising. It just makes the whole sky light up. You cannot...CAN NOT, capture it on camera because the iris has to go down to compensate for the flames and it just doesn't look nearly as cool. You MUST experience this in person. If you can, find a way to make it down to Florida to watch the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery. Be it November, whenever it launches, FIND a way to make it down there. You don't even have to buy tickets on the causeway. Just go to Space View Park in Titusville. It's about seven miles out or so. Somewhere around in there. Which is about as close as your going to be able to get. Cariann: It's right off the water. Ben: And it's close enough where you're going to be like, "WOW! That's amazing." Cariann: And the reflection of the water and stuff. Oh, that'd be so cool. Ben: And it's not expensive to stay down there. You can find hotel rooms for 30-50 bucks a night. Get flex tickets so that you can change your flight if you need to. Or, as Cariann said fly only one-way down and just get your return flight when it does launch. Because who knows, there could be another leak, weather, whatever. Yes. If you can, make it to a launch. If you make it to the launch, hit us up on Twitter. We'd love to meet up with you. It's fun. Launches are social events. Make a social party out of it. So. There's STS-133. Speaking of launches: The 350th Delta launch. The Delta II. The one and only Delta II launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. And we have video...BAM! T minus 10, 9, 8 ,7, 6, 5, 4 three two one And we have lift off. Lift off of the Delta II rocket carrying COSMO-SkyMed 4 for the Italian Space Agency and Ministry of Defense. This marks the 350th launch of the Delta rocket in it's illustrious 50 year program history. We will now hear flight commentary from Steve Agid. Ben: So like I said that was the 350th launch of Delta and this is the one and only launch of the Delta II this year from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. There are no more commercial launches scheduled for the Delta II. At all. Ever. This is it. There are only three more launches for the Delta II scheduled in 2011 and those were all purchased by NASA. After those three launches are flown, the future of the Delta II is a little bit unknown. We're not to sure what's going to happen to it at that point. Cariann: It might go the way of the shuttle. Ben: That was carrying COSMO-SkyMed Four which is an Italian satellite for taking pictures of the earth and making humanity join together and sing awesome Kumbaya songs. Cariann: I don't think quartets sing Kumbaya. If they do, they sing it in four part harmony. Ben: So yeah. The future of the Delta II a little bit unknown. And my fun story for that is that we were in Florida when the Delta II launched I'm going to tell the story again. We were in Florida when the Delta II launched. We had just gotten back to our hotel room, which is in Orlando, not Titusville so we had driven an hour to get back to our hotel room. I run up to the room. It's like T-Minus 60 seconds on the live stream and I'm like, "Oh My Gosh!" With the delay of windows media, because it was a windows media stream I bet it's launching right now. So we run, we race outside. We look right toward the Cape and we're like, "...uuhhhhh." Cariann: Keep in mind we have been in the sun all day long. We had heard of possible scrubs, at least it was scrubbed for that day. So we had been drinking a little bit to console ourselves, so we weren't exactly at the top of our game at the time. We run outside. We're hanging off balconies... we're running all over. "Where is it?!?! What's going on?!?!? Is that it? That's a plane!" Oh! This sucks. We totally missed...we must have missed it. This Sucks!" We go back... Ben: And I hear the announcer say Vandenberg Air Force Base and I go, "Ohhhhh. California!" Wrong side of the country! Cariann: Yes. We were looking east. It was kind of a Blair moment, actually. Ben: Point is..the rocket geeks get it wrong too, from time to time. Alright. Moving on. We've broken new ground in Mojave. Cariann: Good thing, too. Right? Ben: Absolutely. This is where Space Ship Two, White Knight Two, what's it called.... Virgin Galactic Cariann: There ya go. Is that what you're looking for? Ben: That's what I was looking for. That thing. There ya go. Broken new ground on Spaceship Landing Road. Isn't that awesome? Cariann: It's very cool. It's The Spaceship Company which is why it says TSC right there, broke ground today for it's new, Final Assembly, Integration and Test Hangar at the Mojave Air and Space Port. Which I think is very, very cool. Ben: Oh. It's Spaceship Landing Way, not Road. Sorry. Cariann:Landing Way. So... for Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two and White Knight Two. I think that's very cool. Ben: I want to watch that because I want to go on Virgin Galactic flights. Cariann: TSC is the new aerospace company founded by Richard Branson. Ben: What's the called? The space company? The... Cariann: The Spaceship Company. T S C. Ben: There's a giant LEGO™ on our desk. What's that for? Cariann: What? I hadn't noticed. Ben: If you hadn't noticed the giant LEGO™ Space Shuttle, hang on, it's required to go [shuttle engine noise] Cariann: You're gunna break it. Ben: I think it rolled a little to soon off the pad. I think it just burned the pad. We'll just call it Ares from now on. (laughing) A little space humor for you space geeks... Cariann: Buh-dumm pumm. Tshhh. Ben:Alright. So what's the deal with the LEGO™ ? Cariann: So..LEGO™ as a company and NASA have banded together, finally. They have come together as one. Ahh..I'm sorry..Anyhoowww...So what's going on is that they are doing some teaching exercises for kids and I guess for astronauts to a certain extent...and I just lost my co-host..There we are. They're doing lesson plans for students that will coincide... Ben: He looks so's a lego Cariann: You're so mean. Ben: I mean seriously. Come on. They're like, "Yep. There it is. And it's cool." Cariann: It's little shuttle bay opens as well. Is that better? That's better. Oh goodness gracious. So LEGO™ and NASA are working on lesson plans for students that will coincide with work that astronauts will perform in space. So there's actually a couple of these guys that are on the shuttle that may, or may not, launch in December. So a little bit later the astronauts will be putting some things together and then kids can put some of the same things together...yeah they're putting them together on the ISS. So there will be certain times that they are live and then of course it will be recorded and then aired, ENDLESSLY, through the end of time, because that's how NASATV sort of works. It's two huge companies coming together which I think is really great. LEGO™ has put out a couple things likes this. Like you said earlier, this is a limited edition. Ben: They actually flew one of these up on the space shuttle as well. I think it was 132. Not his exact model, but this kit went up on 132. This is a limited edition. So if you don't have one, go get one. It's a hundred bucks. Look how awesome. The Solid Rocket Boosters separate. The ET separates. The cargo bay doors open. There's a little satellite inside. There's even a little fire on the engines. Check this out on the Solid Rocket Boosters which is a little concerning because the SSMEs have lit but there's nothing...really... I suppose I'm just blowing this...I'm being to critical. Cariann: Yes you are. And there's more kits that are going up on Endevour. There's a couple of these on Discovery, and then there's a couple more that are going up on Endeavour when Endeavour should happen to go. Ben: (swatting at a bug that flew into his face) What's going to be funny is a month from now they are going to be leaning against a wall and like, "OH! OWW! There's a LEGO™ in the wall. How did that happen?" Cariann: Yeah, that actually could be quite terrible on the ISS. Now that I think about it. It's bad enough when you already step on them on the floor or in the rug, etc. etc. But the other cool thing that I thought, in conjunction with this, if you go to Right now there isn't anything there. It's just telling you in two months there will be something there. Ben: Is that the one with the countdown? Cariann: Yes! Two months and there's a cute little LEGO™ astronaut that floats around. But in conjunction with that, LEGO™ has different lines, like the Star Wars and Harry Potter and all those different lines and they have a city line with stuff that kids should see in their regular life, and they're adding a bunch of space stuff. So I thought that that was alot of fun and very interesting, and you know space geeks like engineers... Ben: Speaking of interesting. The mystery missile that launched that I completely somehow. I don't know how. Apparently when main stream media picks up on space stuff it just goes right over my head. But the little, itty, bitty, stupid stuff the main stream media never picks up on like, "Oh my god did you see the *^$%&#? So the mystery missile that launched that left the really cool looking, jaggedy...the pictures were all this big so I didn't put it in the show because I didn't just didn't look good. It was not worth it. It looked terrible. What's the deal with THAT? I clearly know nothing about it. Cariann: I still haven't gotten a confirmation. Does anyone in the room know for sure what exactly this was? I keep hearing everyone, "It was a plane. It was a plane. It was a plane." And then you have other people that are saying, "I have seen everything, in the universe, that has ever launched..--ever -- launched... and THAT was NOT a plane!" So...I don't think we have confirmation yet on exactly what it is. But the military, Navy, all of them have said, "WE didn't do anything." : It does look alot like when you get one of those launches and you see the vapor trail from some of that stuff. It looks ALOT like that. Cariann:It definitely came could see it in L. A.. So it definitely came from the US area. Ben: QuantumG says, "It was an airplane contrail. They identified the plane number and it happened again twenty-four hours later." So there you go. No missile. No mystery. It was an airplane. And airplanes don't qualify for space, so... MOVING ON! Oh my goodness. Do we want to do that story next or should we hold that til the very end? Cariann: I think we should hold that Ben: We'll go back to that and let's go to the "Life On Mars May Have Come From Earth" Cariann: Life on Mars may have come from Earth... Ben: Great...moving on...just kidding. Cariann: As you heard, a couple of theories say that its possible life on earth didnt originate here. Ben: Yeah. It came from the solar system and kinda got mucked in with the goo and that's how life was formed. Cariann: Right. The same concept is that some stuff might have spouted out from us and managed to land on Mars. The interesting thing is that they're looking for life on Mars and one of the scientists said it would be a miss for us to look for life on Mars and if we see anything that looks like DNA, to just completely pass right over it because it looks too familiar. We're looking for something that looks completely foreign but maybe we should be looking for something that looks more similar... Ben: Because if life on earth started from the universe, there's a chance that life on Mars started from the universe and there may be a similar foundation. Is that the idea? Cariann: Correct. So not that there are Martians living on Mars and that they are humanoids in any way, shape or form. That is not what we're saying. Ben: They're not ON Mars, they're IN Mars. They live in underground tunnels, obviously, they live in underground tunnels, and that where all the martians...They've got the lasers pointed back at earth...that they use for mind control. Cariann: Well the other thing to note is that we've only gone so far on Mars. About this far. And Mars is about THIS big! So we're looking at a very small percentage of a very, very large area for something very, very specific. Ben: There's also the possibility that we are seeding life on Mars with the landers that we're landing because back in the day, we deemed Mars to be a dead planet so we didn't, we stopped following the very strict, everything has to be totally quarantined and irradiated so there's nothing there. These rovers and landers are still done in clean rooms, but there's millions of bacteria that is still on these things when they land. In the crevices and certainly when they get hit with sunlight they would die, but anything that's in the shade could still be alive and just sitting dormant there. So, theoretically, we may have put life on Mars. Cariann: But again it may not have come from here anyhow,'s like repopulating Ben: James Webb Space Telescope...Hubble GOTCHA!. (laughter) Just wanted to say that because Hubble is up there doing his thing. JWST...ehhhh. Good pretty penny that telescope is. Cariann: JWST is down here doing it's thing. Ben: It's like, "I don't wanna launch. I don't wanna go. Just give me more money." Over-budget, I believe, at this point is an understatement. I think it's over-budget by the amount the entire program is supposed to be. Cariann: Something like that. It's at about 1.5 billion...with a BBB - Billion dollars. Oh good lord! Yeah. It's taking a while and we may not see it even go up until 2015. Ben: Ziggr brings up a good point. It's over some country's national budget. Yeah. We're looking at 2015 at this point. They need to find an extra quarter million per year in 2011 and 2012. So half a million dollars out of NO funds available. There's no...nothing...from just like *POOF* "Here's a quarter million dollars." Although, JWST is supposed to be "Hubble's replacement", because it does see a different spectrum than Hubble. It's not an exact 1:1 replacement for Hubble. That's not really a fair way of looking at it. But it IS supposed to be 100x more powerful Cariann: That's like replacement your monocle with glasses. Ben: (bewildered) Really...??? ....So here's the other thing worth noting: The two telescopes may be able to run concurrently for awhile. But I believe there are no servicing missions for Hubble left. So this is supposed to eventually take over it's roll and do whatever it's going to do. Alright! Let's finish this show out. You ready for this? Cariann: Are YOU ready for this? Ben: ARE YOU ready for this? If you have, if you ARE children...STOP watching now. I'm just going to put that out there, right now. Cariann: If YOU ARE children? Ben: If YOU are A children, you are not old enough to see this... may want to cover your eyes. AIRBUS is building a space shuttle for honeymooners...let's take a peek at the images. Here you go. Go ahead and talk about it Cariann. Cariann: (laughing, choking, unable to speak)' extra... large.... shuttle, Ben: OH YEAH! It says HORNY Moon on it. That's what it says. It says Horny Moon! That's actually what it said. Cariann: The space shuttle takes off and it releases these honeymoon "suites" into orbit Ben: There's the capsules getting released.... Cariann: When you get asked where you're going for your honeymoon? Don't you definitely want to say you're going to the "Horny Moon"? Ben: Then the capsules open up like so... Cariann: Each comes equipped with giant windows for earth views right over a soft, round bed. Ben: A bed with straps in it so you can do THAT! Cariann: God that's HOT! Ben: Hang on there's one more... YEAH!! YES!! That's it...right there! Cariann: Have you noticed that there's only one woman in each room? (laughing) I don't think she comes with the room though. Just so that you're, you know ... aware of that. Ben: Extra Large shuttle takes off, releases the honeymoon suites into orbit, each comes equipped with giant windows with earth views right over a soft, round bed... which you probably won't need since you're in zero-G. Did they actually spell that out or did... Cariann: NO. I didn't spell it...THEY did! Ben: When your honeymoon is over you're going to splash down all Apollo style. So there you are... Cariann: If that isn't scary...that's gotta be the... WOW! The scariest end to ANY honeymoon...ever! Ben: AND the SCARIEST end to any Spacevidcast show..ever...EVER!. Alright we need to pick a winner for the Roku box. So our original thing isn't going to work because I forgot to actually mention it on-air. So we're going to randomly pick a winner from the chatroom. How do you want to do that. You want to just give me a number and I will just count up that many people to see who wins? So here's how this works. In order to win the Roku box you do have to watch LIVE because you have to be a Spacevidcast Live viewer. This is an awesome little box. They start right around $50-$60 right now on They go up to about $100 for the big, huge box. They're really awesome. We do have our own Channel. So if you have a Roku, just go to the channel store, subscribe to Spacevidcast and you can see live feeds from this show, NASATV in high definition. In true actual 1280x720 assuming your bandwidth will support that. You also have a live shot of the International Space Station, so live streaming from ISS as well as a live shot from the new rover being built by JPL. Which is called Curiosity. Cariann: AND a screensaver Ben: Oh yeah...and a screensaver. A little Spacevidcast logo goes bong, boing, bong. So here's your chance to win a Roku box. Gimme a number between one and ten. Cariann: Seven (Ben counts up seven names.... and laughs!) Are you serious??? Ben: I didn't cheat. I did not cheat. Cariann: Wow! I don't think we should announce that on-air. Ben: William Pomerantz! Congratulations. You have won your very own... ...I did not cheat...You have won your very own Roku box. Cariann: Yes... Seriously. Ben: So there you are..your very own Roku box. And we will be giving one of these away until the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on it's final mission, STS-133. Cariann: But we're only giving them away LIVE. So you HAVE to join us! Ben: And once again I'd like to thank Perforce Software for sponsoring Spacevidcast for the two or three remaining shuttle flights Assuming 135 gets funded as well as helping us out because now we are streaming NASATV in true HD as well as to mobil devices, 24 hours a day, seven days a week...well, mostly that because we do interrupt that for our own shows Which is pretty awesome. I do want to thank everyone at The Space Traveler's Emporium in San Diego if you were watching us live, for sticking with us this long, because I have no idea what time it is. But thank you guys for watching. And what a great idea that is. Grab yourself one of these, get a community together every Friday at 0200 UTC. Get everyone around the TV. Interact with us. Talk live about human space flight. Get the community together. Right? Because watching space alone is just...creepy. One that note - Thank you guys very much for watching and we'll see you here, next week here at SpaceVidcast!

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