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Pro Mujer Co-Founder and Director Carmen Velasco on CNN en Español's

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Hello again GloboEconomía we are talking about Pro Mujer about microfinance microcredit in the region and, something important, in recent years as I said earlier this type of activity has been through a major transformation has a lot to do do, Carmen, as I understand, with those who provide microcredit have found it somewhat interesting as a business, right? Tell us about it It's a delicate subject it's an issue that has brought a lot of negative consequences and is a fundamental challenge of Pro Mujer make a difference For us, again, the microcredit services microfinance service is a means it's not a lucrative end for the institution it's a means to achieve development facing the reality that there are over 160 million people in Latin America living below two dollars a day We can not afford in Pro Mujer to see microfinance activity as an end in itself or as a way of getting huge financial returns Pro Mujer is dedicated to being profitable to have returns on our business, profitability but to reinvest it to achieve our mission put our mission into practice How has the entry of financial institutions impacted ... established institutions because the most important ones have entered ..... all and they are all doing microfinance call it what you want but.. giving credit how has this influenced your work? I would say that is one reason why there is over indebtedness over indebtedness of clients That we have not discussed but it's very important It's new Once you and I have spoken about it that originally it didn't existed at all, but now there are many cases individuals with very little money with serious problems who cannot pay Exactly. At first it is very easy to get a new credit thinking they're going to invest in their business but the new credit is due then the temptation to use credit to pay other credit is enormous and especially now that practices are .. very unethical There are excellent institutions There are banks that are doing it in an excellent way We can not demonize all Yes, this is also important to say Well for me to mention because I mentioned before there is a difference they are playing a very interesting role because they are giving banking access to an important sector of the population but it is very different from what you do It's very different But I think it is important to distinguish entities that are giving microcredit whether for profit or nonprofit but they do it in a responsible and ethical way to the ones that only do it to generate huge dividends in business In the case of Pro Mujer how are you looking at .... the future ... what's next? It's very interesting what's coming next, José Antonio and I foresee that the future of Pro Mujer will be even more stellar strengthening the institution investing in a better structure with a much more sophisticated team under the direction of Rosario Pérez "CEO" and with a wonderful team of professionals human resources technology new products new processes Pro Mujer will go a long way in the next twenty years a success story and not with a million women participating clients but with many more millions And about the countries .... and we have to go soon are you thinking of other operations? Absolutely You are now ..... Let's review Bolivia Argentina Mexico Peru and Nicaragua And the future? We have the ambition to be in many countries But I think it is very important to focus growth not in numbers but in quality The big challenge is for Pro Mujer to achieve quality services to have impact on our clients And you are also in Mexico I do not know if we also mentioned you are in Mexico With Mexico we go Carmen we have to go Thank you for being with us It was a pleasure It was Carmen Velasco Co-founder and Director of Pro Mujer And you know as always thank you very much for being with us And if you want.....see you in seven days Here at GloboEconomía Until next week

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Posted by: lriveros on May 9, 2011

Journalist José Antonio Montenegro speaks with Carmen Velasco regarding the past, present and future of Pro Mujer in this March 22, 2011 edition of CNN en Español's "GloboEconomia."

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