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Sad story

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VECHERNIY GERASIMEC with Roman Romanovich Yes, Roman. Writer's day has come. Behind me is the great Soviet writer Mikhail Lermontov. Right now we'll talk with reading residents of Moscow Did You know that in this house there is the Museum-apartment of Mihail Lermontov? Have you visited this Museum? Not, I have not. In this apartment Lermontov died of typhus. Will you visit in this Museum-apartment? I'll go with my grandson He lived in this house on the ninth floor. His grandson Anton Chekhov engaged Museum-apartment now. Will you go there? Yes, I go to this Museum with pleasure in my free time And the last question. Elections are held in the Union of writers now. Likely that the Union will head or Solzhenitsyn, or Sholokhov. I will vote for Solzhenitsyn Solzhenitsyn has more chances, in your opinion. They hear you, most likely. What can you wish to? I wish them good luck! I think that Solzhenitsyn has more chances. Why? This writer deserved that suffered a lot. Solzhenitsyn Why? Most likely, because he should be there.. Are there any constraints to Solzhenitsyn lead the Union of writers? He has problems in the USSR, probably. Well, it's Russia now. These problems could not interfere now. Usually people remember the past. Solzhenitsyn has more chances. Why? mmm... This is my point of view. I can't answer. I don't know What do You think will be any problems with the fact that he wrote "Archipelag Gulag"? I think, Yes. Because I read recently in the literature, in the newspaper that he does not deserve this. Behind my back another Soviet writer. And I continue talking with the residents of Moscow about the reading. What do you think about the fact that now all Moscow's cinemas show "Anna Karenina" - a great work of Gogol. Do you like? Great Don't you hurt, that storyline of Gogol was distorted? No... Now the 21 century. Everything changes.. Have you read the book? No Would you like to read?? Well, I have no time. What do you do all the time? Medicine? Medicine? Well that we will have such doctors Did you know that in the duel Lermontov was killed by Pushkin? Do you think about that two soviet writers are shoot? Aaa... In those days it is not uncommon. And.... I think that it's nothing special. Pushkin was summoned to a duel, too. What do I think about ? I think that it is manly.

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This is a video about "reading" of citizens of Moscow

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