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Marley & Me

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[classical music] [John narrating] There's nothing like the experience of raising your first dog. Of course that kid's not even me. [dog barks] That's me. and that crazy hound I'm chasing is Marley - the world's worst dog. Sorry. But our story begins before Marley was born. (Woman) Dream house! Paint the Barney on the wall and you have a great little playroom. You guys are going to have kids, right? (John) nnnnn (Jennifer) Yes. (Sebastian) You want my advice? Get her a puppy or something. (John) I've never had a dog. There's nothing to it - you walk 'em, you feed 'em, you let 'em out every now and again... [narr] This Christmas, get ready for a surprise... One, two, three... They're adorable. Hi puppy. Marley - this is our house. And now it's yours. [Music: George Thoroughgood - "Bad to the Bone"] Marley, you can't go through a screen door. Marley! ♪ Bad to the bone ♪ (John) I think it's just like a little kid, only furrier. (girl) That is not a dog, it's evil with a dog face on. [grr] (boy) Yep. He ate the answering machine, then went back and had the phone for dessert. A dog can only have one master. Which one of you has the most authority in the relationship? Maybe I'll stand over there for the beginning. I thought so. [narr] On December 25th, give your family the gift... (Jennifer) It's just beautiful. ( John) Well put it on. (John) What did you do with it? (John) Well it wouldn't just disappear. [narr]...of Marley... [Cowboy showdown whistle from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"] (John) Spit it out. (Jennifer) Go into the kitchen. Go to the kitchen. Good boy. Oh honey, I don't see it. Dr. Jay is going to send over a laxative. I think we need to find a new house. Whose dog is that? [narr] He may be the world's worst dog... None of this was part of the plan. (Jennifer) No it wasn't, but it's so much better. Surprise! [narr]...but he brings out the best in their family. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor. Give 'em your heart, he'll give you his. He's making a break for it. Pullover. There's a ton of traffic! [horns blowing] [captions by]

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Marley & Me Captioned Trailer

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