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马克·吐温 继续忆述他: 死后的奇遇! 对人类, 万物, 独突的看法及 遗憾

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Samuel Langhorne Clemens (aka. Mark Twain) - Part 2 (em)..this is Mark Twain, and..i am Continuing so, i Asked the know: "Why i am not Able to Express myself: Here on Earth?" "Why do i Have to..Do it in a Separated Galaxy?"..and.. she Couldn't Answer that Question for me..she just Couldn't,'s Strange, because i Looked at the Whole Situation, and i Wondered: (akr) it?.. because Obviously, All those people that are now in those Galaxies, in those Cities.. are Resting..and Expressing and Experiencing themselves, you know're Able to See that - and they're just Enjoying themselves. it’s like Fountains of Expression.. Coming forth from Within Them..and..i Wondered: "but Why aren't they.." "just Doing that- Here On Earth?", because..the Situation on Earth, even Since Then.. has been Quite Dire, it's been..Difficult. and you can See People..are having a Hard time and i'm Certain if human beings, could Express "That" - On Earth.. it would make a Tremendous Difference - Huge (Difference)! know then, Everything just Didn't..make sense..didn't make sense.. it..That, Only then: you have to Come Here? - you're on Earth, you Suffer, you have a Difficult time, you have a Hard know, you..Struggle and then, only After That: Go to the Dimensions, and then.. you..get Sent to One of These..Galaxies, where you Apparently Rest?! you know, i Always wanted to Say to them - (galaxies) People, you know: "Why DON'T YOU JUST Come and Do it Here?!" why have All these human beings, Unnecessarily go through - these Suffering and these Hardship..Difficulties (um) know, Struggle to Exist - Comfortably. because No one Here on this Earth is: Expressing and Experiencing Themselves, as you Do - At All! know, Not At All! it's Like Every..Everyone Here is Imprisoned, (um).. As Though walking with their..if Like, "a Burden" on Their Shoulders..(um).. Why does it Have to be a Separate Experience, when we’re all Here in this existence Together? (um) said to her: "you know what, i'm Not gonna Go There." "i'm gonna Go and Express myself in this world - Even if I’m the Only One", and.. she said: "you Won't be Able to" and she Laughed. she said: "you'll Forget..your Existence - the moment you're Going to Earth," "so what will be the Purpose, and what will be the Reason?" i Asked her: "but What is the Purpose or the Reason - for Anything in this Existence then?" "What is the Reason..for human beings: Having to be on this World - Like they Are?" "and then, you have this Beautiful Expression in the Dimensions?!" you know, "what's Going On Here?!" and she said to me: “It’s - it will Rather Suit you..if you Don’t Ask Further Questions.” (shrug) and I went: Who are you, this little girl, what Do You tell me - This? you know, i Required some Answers - to the Questions, because i wanna know.. What the fuck is Going On? you know, what's Happening to me.. what's Happening to Existence? because..i knew there Was just Something Wrong, i knew Something is Not in Place, but i Couldn't Quite Pin-Point know, you See Everything, and you Just know..there is Something Wrong Just.. Something just Doesn't Fit..but you don't know Exactly - What It''s such a Fine Line, and..that's what i Experienced, and it Bothered me - Extensively..and.. so then, when i Didn't Want to go to this Galaxy thing..Two..Large..Beings Came.. and they kinda like "Forced" me to Go There..and, they said to me: "Don't worry, you'll Forget Everything Go to this Galaxy..Planet.." "City..and Experience yourself, you know..what's the Harm in Doing so?" i said: "it's Great Harm. Because i'm Certain, you know - you Forget, but "that (you) Forget": will Remain (of that you Forget)..and then you'll Remember..Inevitably - One Day.. i'm Certain, i mean Forgetfulness can Only Last for So Long..i am Certain and i Don't want to Stand Here know, maybe..Five Hundred Billion years Later, or Something Like that, and then you go: know, i Allowed myself to "Forget", and..that’s what my Forgetfulness - Manifested (um) they Forcebly wanted to..Again Tried to Take me, and i Refused, and.. so i Ran..(um)..and i Looked for a Place - Somewhere.. where i'm Able to be an Observer, of sorts..(um), be Aware..and..Here on this Planet to Kind of Figure out, you know, or Understand what’s Really Going On. and.. so i manifested as Water..(smile), since Up to.. about Two Years Ago - i was "Water"..Water Molecules..and..i Observed a Great Deal, but (um)..there..the one Regret that i have, and i am Certain Many had a Similar Experience.. is Didn't Stand Up, you didn't stand up from the Perspective of: asking Enough Questions..and..Acting on them, you know - Taking Responsibility.. and That Taking Responsibility, Means to: Even if you have to, Stand Alone in this Existence.. to Make a Statement: That This is Unacceptable, Even if you Don't know what it is (Nature of Unacceptable) and I Looked at it: Maybe that was the Problem..Maybe that Something, that you're Always Looking for, that Experience that: you "Know There's Something Wrong" you Know that there's Something Not in Place, but you Can't just Pin-Point It maybe..that's the Problem: you're Looking for That Pin Point, you're Looking for that Point, and you may search for Infinitely..Instead of just Standing Up, Even with that..with that.. Trust in yourself..that you know..that Something is Not in Place.. Something is Wrong..Something is Not Right, and you Stand Up - as That, Do Whatever it Takes..and..(akr)..i Didn't Do that, i Rather Went: the Easy Way Out and manifested as Water: for awhile..and.. Observed what Actually was Going On with human beings - in this World, and the Dimensional Existence..(um), Basically what i've that: human beings were..Suppressed..they..they were Imprisoned in their Own Self-Expression, in their Own..way of Existing and Expressing themselves..and.. Dimensional beings - Were That, Already..and you could See That Clearly - from Where i was, Looking at the Whole know, i had Multiple Questions, and Those Questions were Answered Two years ago (laugh). So, I will Continue in my..Part 3 section. Thank you More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Victor "Vic" Tayback, James Byron Dean, Murdo MacDonald - Bayne

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