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interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 6)

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Forgetting The Venus Project. The Venus Project dies. Nothing happens. Just putting more and more automation in buildings. If you don't know this 'cause I don't know if it's true here, but you go to a supermarket and you got a place where you put your card in. They're getting rid of cashiers. The automobile factories pick up the automobile, put the wheels on... There's no guys doing it. There's less and less people and machines can work for fifteen cents an hour. No human can. So... If the humans don't have purchasing power, they can't buy the products produced. Therefore, the banks die, finance institutions die and factories close. - I don't... - Because they don't have purchasing power. - I don't know if going in front of a bank and talking against the bank is as effective as going out there and introducing people to some other positive direction. You know, it doesn't... - Don't attack the money system. - Yeah. - Yes. It's kind of a waste. - Yes, because we want to do that edge, so we know when we are doing Movement Zeitgeist and The Venus Project and when I am alone, by my own, expressing myself as a human being. And that is why we ask you this questions about the non-profits... - Don't attack religion. - Never. - The Venus Project is everything religion talks about. A brotherhood of humanity, no more war, peace on Earth, love. But not verbally. Physically. - "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." - So, if you talk people in Church and say... Well, I talked to a priest once and he said: "My kingdom is up there. You're trying to make the world a better place." So, I said: "Then you forgot the Lord's prayer?" Since he was religious, I said: "Jesus said: "Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." There's no money in Heaven, no private property and no social stratification. So, you can use the Bible, anyway you want to, just say that the Church, unfortunately, stays far away from the teachings of Christ. They all became money interested. "Jesus needs your money." Jesus doesn't need any money. And all this crap and the Bible, it says: "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son..." You've read that, I'm sure. "...thus we might live and have eternal life." The truth is that in the Bible it says: "Witness said Jesus was crucified and he arose and ascended into Heaven. No sacrifice. Understand what I'm saying? They don't know what they're talking about, they don't know what they read. And the Bible says: "Thou shall not kill." It doesn't say: "You can kill Wednesdays and Saturdays." It says:" Thou shall not kill." "Love your enemy." Means, if a man strikes you turn the other cheek. That's from the Bible. So, all this guys go to war, they don't know what the hell they're saying. The ministers bless the war tanks, did you ever see that? They throw holy water. And in Italy, the Catholics throw holy water on their tanks and their boy In America, the Catholics throw holy water... They are violation of the teachings of the Bible. I always say to people: "You believe in the Bible, that's fine. But don't interpret it to your money system. Because, the Bible says: "Money, the love of money is the root to all evil." - And Christ chased the money changers out of the Church. - Now, they're all back in it. - Exactly, we... I think, there are lots of people, during the before century, like Mahatma Gandhi, like Jiddu Krishnamurti. All the things we read. People are talking all about the same. I think it's that and I think you guys feel it. And how can we synthesize that and what can I do if I can not explain someone that the Resource Based Economy is the ... - When you try experimentally... Try talking in Church sometime. Get up and say: "Have we really understood the Bible?" See? Then you can repeat that. The things I tell you. Or look at your Bible and pull out things. You have to talk to capitalists and say: "You'll live far better." There's no research being done on heart disease, you're all suffering of it Cancer, most people... it's growing all over the world. And you have to tell people that this system I'm talking about takes care of everybody. But we have to live in accordance with natural law, not man-made laws. Man-made laws are control devices. They have nothing to do with the benefit of people. You can do lectures and go to different groups like non-profit groups and introduce them and give lectures or give powerpoints or environmental groups, I don't know if you have something called Humanists, here. - Yes, we have all that... - Yeah. - And the reason we want the non-profit is exactly to be far... to may interact with all the institutions around it. And you need funding to do brochures or anything else. - Of course, and to have good... We need to have studies... Study budgets... I don't know how to say in English, but projects, people should work for projects and scientifics... and we want your approval, because we hear every words Jacque or Roxanne says, here. We know it and we spread it around, so we would like to know how far can I go, what can I do more? - You can do different lectures and you can... I would say compare them, you know, communicate with the other groups who are doing the same things, see if they had more success with certain groups and see what they said than try theirs and exchange lectures that they use. Exchange experience. - Exactly, we feel... - There are scientists today... Roboticist that believe that the robots will gonna take over. I just want to answer that question. First of all, machines don't have feelings. They don't have ambition and if you smash... If I smash your laptop in the presence of twenty new ones, they don't say: "We'll get you! If it isn't this week or the next might... " They don't care. Machines don't care. You can order to your machines Saturday and Sunday. It says: "Gimme a day off, one day at least a week." They don't care, so there'll never be a machine take over, 'cause they don't have a gut reaction. That's human. Humans wanna control, machines don't. - Now... - But machines are more effective than humans and how ... - In doing a job. - Yes. Growing plants... - In the future, they will do everything. - Right. - So, where the man stands? - Ok. What will people do when machines run everything? That's your question? There's art centers, music centers, play writers, arts & crafts, writing stories, shooting your own pictures. You can go to the camera center and check out cameras. You can do whatever... You can go sailing, scuba diving, travel all over the world. We take all the kids on tours to show them how things are produced, manufactured, so they understand the world, not just books, but really ... There'll always be new challenges, we will never be satisfied and solve everything, but the challenges will be different in the future. There'll be all sorts of different things that they'll be working on, they won't be just sitting back and being comfortable. - Exactly, we want to understand it because... - We stimulate people to want to think ahead. There'll be new problems to solve, always. There'll be different problems than what we have today... They're just fighting one another over scarce resources. But we fear or at least I fear... Wouldn't we get outdated, as humans, in the society? Because, in the end, the machines will solve all problems, we will have new challenges, of course, I can go to study, anything. But the work of all planet, don't I get outdated? - Let me just tell you a thing about... There's an island of Ireland called the Isle of Man. And women used to wear a harness like a cow and they bring water up the hill. And I say: "Someday, Miss, you'll turn a knob and the water will come out of your house." She goes like that... Someday you don't have to skin an animal, squeeze the fat out and make a lamp, light, you know? She says: "You mean you press a button, the light goes on and out?" "Not only that, you can make it bright or less bright." She says: "What will women do?" And the question you are asking: "What will people do, when machines do everything?" We haven't began to understand hurricanes, tsunamis, disease. We know so little about cancer, heart disease. We'll be working always on millions of new things. Just like your computer, your little cameras that require no film anymore. What will the people do that made film? They're in something else or they're unemployed. But the future will eradicate most doctors, lawyers, out. They will even do surgery. They would do law but not the kind of law you have today. ... Unless you have specific questions, try it. - I have one. Can I ask? - Yes. What do you think about the possibility of corporations being with the nations? Do you think... Do you think that it's possible to corporations... - To do what? - To support your direction? - Yes. In Greece, they donated money to our lecture. They got the halls, different corporations. They have businessmen, they know things are falling apart there, they're worse than they are here. And they are businessmen that know there are no solutions out there and they were giving money to help our stay and our lecture, in Greece. So, they turned quickly too.

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interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 6)

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