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Love as Mind Control part 2

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Desteni Presents: Love is Mind-Control Part 2 7 October 2009 But in-‘Essence’ that ‘Impulse’ were: ‘Multidimensional’ – you-‘Participated’ in the ‘Impulse’, and those that ‘Assisted’-you in ‘Driving’ – and All the Other-People You Saw- ‘Driving’, and All the ‘Movies’ you-‘Saw’, All the ‘Magazines’ you ‘Read’ - the ‘Tests’ you had to do = All of those ‘Impulses’, Together: ‘Form-You’ as a ‘Driver’. If, within-That - you had Peculiar ‘Fears’-Developing = it was because you gave certain-‘Attention’ to Particular-‘Fears’, Fears’, you ‘Impulsed’-them ‘Sufficiently’ to-‘become’ ‘Part’ of the ‘Total Design’ of-‘You’ as the ‘Driver’ of a ‘Car’. Now you must-‘Understand’ that these-Things are-‘Understood’, Within - our-‘Civilization’, and that there are - it is So ‘Common Knowledge’ that you can ‘Study’ ‘How’ to ‘Do’-This at your-‘Universities’. Darryl: Ivy-League Schools are very ‘Big’ on Teaching those ‘Upper-Crust’-Kids How to ‘Direct’ Population. Bernard: Correct. And you’re, you’re ‘More’...‘Exclusive’ ‘Private-Schools’, ‘Leadership-Skills’ are ‘Taught’ As - the ‘Direction’ and ‘Management’ of ‘Impulse’ = You are ‘Directing’, through - ‘Placing’ your-‘Authority’ into a ‘Design’ that is ‘Accepted’ and which you ‘Make-Sure’ will-Be ‘Attractive’-Enough for those that you are ‘Directing’ to ‘Accept’-it as ‘What they Want to-Do’, and therefore they would ‘See’ it as their - ‘Choice’. In this Whole-‘Point’, what ‘Started’ to ‘Play’ - what ‘Accelerated’ the whole ‘Evolution’ of the ‘Human’ into what you are now ‘Existing’-as, was Obviously - the ‘Impulsing’ of ‘Pictures’ and ‘Sound’. So the ‘Radio’, the ‘Telephone’, the ‘Television’ - all of those-Things, ‘Played’ a ‘Major-Role’- and As You would be ‘Coming-in’ as the ‘Next Generation’ that is ‘Born’ - Whatever is Already-‘Formed’ as a ‘Primary-Pulse’ Within your ‘Parent’ - will be ‘Transferred’ to-You = ‘Structural-Resonance’- that's the ‘Parts’ of ‘How’ it gets ‘Transferred’- and what is ‘Essentially’-There, is - that: It is Not-‘Only’ the ‘DNA’, and...that ‘Transfers’ = it is the ‘Total-Information’ as ‘Who You Exist-as’ - that ‘Transfer’ into the ‘Child’. The ‘Child’ will through - Various-‘Influences’ Start to ‘Pulse’ a ‘Particular’-Expression = the ‘Impulse’ would be ‘Particular’. For Instance: What the ‘Parents’ don't-‘Realize’, is - they would have-‘Had’, say - a ‘Naughty’ ‘Teenage-Years’, where they did ‘All-Kinds of-Things’ that they Now ‘Try and Prevent’ their-‘Children’ from-‘Doing’. What they Don't-‘Realize’, is that - their-‘Child’ ‘Carries’ that Same-‘Memory’ ‘In’-them = of ‘What the Parent-Did’. Now the Pare...the ‘Child’ ‘Starts’ to ‘Resent the Parent’ for ‘Wanting’-to ‘Stop’-them, because - ‘Within the Child’ Exist the ‘Impulse’ of ‘What the Parent Did’, and the ‘Parent ‘Liked’-it’. And Now the ‘Parent’ are giving the ‘Opposite-Answer’ - and the Whole-‘Cycle of Trust’ is ‘Broken’ on that Single-‘Point’. And that’s why so-Many ‘Children’ - ‘Feel’ their-‘Parents are Disgusting and Hate-them’, but they Never ‘Say’-it. They Will - ‘Purely because the Parents normally have-Money’ – say: “Yes” and ‘Co-Operate’ = Just to Get ‘Money’. But they will Never Be-‘Honest in Communication with their-‘Parents’’, they will Never Tell their-‘Parents’ Everything = because they don’t-‘Trust their Parents’ - because the ‘Parents’ - has ‘Lied’ to–Them, ‘Deliberately’ by ‘‘Claiming’ Something to be ‘Bad’’; that they as ‘Parents’ Did - ‘As-if it was ‘Good’’. And that Whole-‘Cycle’, Cause - a Major-‘Rift’ In Our ‘Society-Development’. Which is ‘More’ Interesting Within-it, as well - is that: The ‘Parent’ will ‘Deliberately’ – and I mean, many of you that will become ‘Parents’ - one of the things you’ll say is: “I will Never let my-‘Children’ be like my-‘Parents’” You Know What? You’re Not ‘Saying’-that because it’s ‘Authentic’ or ‘Original’: Your ‘Parents’ said Exactly the Same-thing = Exactly. If you ‘Dare’ to ‘Communicate’ - you’ll ‘Find’-Out that your ‘Parents’ Exactly-‘went-through’ what you are ‘going-through’ in your-‘Life’. But - you don’t-‘Communicate’, I mean - because you don’t ‘Trust’-them, Just As they Didn’t-‘Communicate’ with their-‘Parents’ because they - didn’t ‘Trust’-them, because the ‘Lies’ are ‘Transferred’ ‘Generation after Generation’, everybody ‘Claiming’ ‘What is ‘Goodness’’, ‘Hiding the ‘Badness’’. ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ is All kind-of ‘Cross-Wired’ So - Now in Our ‘Development’, a ‘Fairly’-Recent ‘Development’ has been ‘The Cell-Phone’. Now understand that - All These you are ‘Experiencing’ in the ‘External-World’ as ‘Systems of Support’: Are also ‘Inside’-you, ‘Multidimensionally’, as the ‘Systems’ that ‘Support’ your-‘Mind Consciousness System’ = Exactly the ‘Same-Way’, like we ‘Discussed’ the other-Day about the ‘Cities’ and so on and so on. With the Advent of the ‘Cell-Phone’ - an Interesting-‘Point’ ‘Developed’: We ‘Moved’-From the ‘Primary-Tool’ of ‘Impulse’ - being ‘Television’, ‘Movies’, ‘Sound’ and related-‘things’ - to a New-‘Form’ of ‘Transmission’: ‘The Cell-Phone’. The ‘Cell Phone’ became – and if you have a Look at the ‘Success-Stories’ of things like ‘Twitter’ and related-‘Points’ and how much, how the ‘Cell-Phone’ is busy ‘Evolving’ into the ‘Primary Communication-Tool’– you can do your ‘Facebook’ with it, ‘SMS’, you-know - there’s a ‘Lot’-of ‘Communication’-Happening Now between ‘Children’ and in a ‘Greater-Society’ – Far-‘More’ ‘Time’ is ‘Spent’-Now on the ‘Cell-Phone’ than on ‘Television’ – it’s become the Ultimate-‘Delivery-System’ that ‘Sell’ or ‘Impulse’ your...the, the ‘Human-Being’ – ‘Specially’ the ‘Younger-Generations’ = it’s being ‘Impulsed’ By - the ‘Cell-Phone’. Part Three to

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alk-about `The Human´ = a `Product of Evolution´ - a Product of That which has become `Industrial´, the `Information-Evolution / Revolution´ - whatever you wanna Call-it. And as These-things were Understood - in the World, and being-Utilized - I mean, it´s very-Much Done on a very-Fascinating Principle:

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