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Mullah Piaz Cartoon - Pilot Episode

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Hello there! I hope you're all doing well... and starting a beautiful spring morning. Close that window dear son, the smoke is suffocating me. The air pollution is becoming a real concern. Speaking of the weather.....let me read some interesting news for you. Let's see...where was it? Oh, here it is. Some experts and a member of the Majlisssssss... ...believe that in addition to the high volume of urban commuters and the use of non-standard vehicles, that the main source of Tehran's air pollution is the poor quality gasoline, which is made inside Iran, due to newly imposed international sanctions. We Iranians are unpredictable. We enriched that heavy uranium, but we can't make clean gasoline. However, a government official, whose name I don't remember, recently said, "Our gasoline is very clean," and that "the air pollution is part of a conspiracy controlled by the West." Wow! This guy says that since they lost the sanctions game, they have mixed something into the gas they export, which makes the air poisonous. Oh my, what a complex conspiracy! Anyhow, that's the weather for you. Therefore, when eating yellow cake, make sure to drink domestic gasoline only. Because you might get poisoned from drinking imported gasoline. These days there are lots of projects on the table for solving the air pollution problem. There are many experts both for and against such plans... These plans vary from making artificial wind and rain by spraying the sky, to bringing in Indian experts. What's most interesting is that experts say that not only does spraying the sky not help clean up the air pollution.... ...but that when the water drops back to earth, it will mix with pollutants and become acid rain. Therefore, it will fall on people's heads. Maybe bringing in Indian experts is the answer. Hmm! There is nothing quite like freshly brewed tea! The the middle of recording a show?! Hello? Yes...Salaam Aleykoum! I'm in the middle of a show right now! I'm in the middle of a show man! Alright?!! Where? There's water all over the bathroom floor?! What?? It's leaking through the ceiling of the neighbor's unit below? Again? Ok..I'll be there in 10 minutes. Very well....Bye! I want to drink this tea. Last year was the year of leaks. First, in the Gulf Mexico an oil well leaked that made a spot as big as 24,000 square kilometers. Finally, they solved the problem by bringing in a very large funnel. A while after that, the Internet sprung a leak through the website Wikileaks, which left a stain far larger and messier. It covered the entire globe. They tried so hard to clean it up. However, it was nearly impossible. Well dear friends, apparently there's no more interesting news. Everything is safe and sound. The cash from the subsidies are being deposited into the accounts of our citizens and they are spending it with peace of mind. They buy new TVs. They take vacations. They change up their cars. They buy an apartment and a villa. This money is such a blessing from God. Well...thank God! Of course, there are still some small problems that have yet to be resolved. For example, the Iranian Football Association said that they had invited Diego Maradona to be the head coach of the Iranian national soccer team. In a news conference, Maradona denied this, saying, "Only if they see the back my ears would I be the coach of the Iranian national team." In response to this, the Iranian Football Federation said, "Maradona should be honored to coach our team!" Besides this unanswerable response, the Iranian Football Federation is not sitting idle... but has asked those 2,000 webblogers, who are battling against cyberware, that during their breaks, they try and see behind their ears. This way, Maradona won't have an excuse to reject being the coach for the Iranian national team. Friends, we're ending the show a little early today. I have to go to my sister's house because she has a little problem at home. Now, I invite you to listen to a beautiful piece of music by Usman. So long everyone!

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Duration: 7 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: Iran
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Genre: Animated
Producer: Mullah Piaz
Director: Ferdowsi
Views: 178
Posted by: mullahpiaz on Jul 8, 2011

This is the first pilot of the new Mullah Piaz cartoon

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