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TXP Anniversary

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We're coming up on our 1 year anniversary on the Blind Film Critic channel. We've had a great time watching some great movies, and a lot of horrible movies too. I think they mis-titled this one. Instead of the Awakening, this one should have been the Asleepening. So, let's celebrate with a contest. (Richard Dawson) An Anniversary Party. ♪ [Spike Jones - Hawaiian War Chant] What do ya win? Well, when we showed you the new Blind Film Critic logo, you went crazy, and you asked for some merch. So that's what we're gonna do. T-shirts, coffee mugs, whatever we can get our hands on. Good stuff. We're not gonna give you that crap you'll never use. Trust me. [dog whimpers] If you can't see the Blind Film Critic logo, it's the word blind in capital letters, above the words film critic, and then the background is a silhouette of me, walking from left to right, with my stick. How do you play? Simple. Do something blind. One - you have to be a subscriber to the Blind Film Critic channel. Two - you have to record a video, at least 20 seconds long, of you doing something blindfolded. Don't worry about the quality. Shoot it on your iPhone, shoot it on anything. It doesn't matter. We just wanna see you trying something blind, and have a little fun doing it. Maybe cooking, maybe eating, maybe girls picking out an outfit, doing your makeup, parallel parking - whatever! Putting on your socks with a blindfold on, who cares? Just something fun. Three - set your video as a response to this video. Get your friends and subscribers to rate and comment on your video. More views, comments and likes you have, the better chance you have to win. We'll choose 3 winners. Your favorite, that's the one with the most likes. Our favorite, the one we like the best. And a mystery category. Who knows? It might be the one with the most dislikes. The contest starts now, and it's gonna run right through our 1 year anniversary, April 15, 2012 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Winners will be announced April 20, 2012. This is a cool game, 'cause you don't have to be the right caller, you don't have to send in anything, All you have to do is have fun. Make a fun video. (Ben) You do have to send in a video. Well, yeah, I guess you do. You don't have to use the mail, though. Email. Nah, just post the [bleeped] thing. You know what? You do have to send something. It is work. ♪ [BFC bumper music] So let's out there and make some videos! Blindfolds on, cameras ready, off you go! Ooh! Be careful! Watch that first step!

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