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Government: Earth

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What is a true government? Government represents nothing more than the processes that control how decisions are made within a society Today, monarchies and dictatorships are widely recognized as socially destructive forms of government, because one person being entrusted with total power inevitably leads to corruption. So, people fought for and won the right to choose their leaders. And not just one leader, but bodies of leaders assemblies of decision makers that would, in theory represent the interests of the people who elected them. It was a beautiful idea and it was certainly better than any system that ever placed. But times continue to change and we are beginning to see more clearly now some of the problems with representative democracy. But let me back track here quickly and talk again about government. Think about this for a second. While the rules and laws which are set down by our elected officials do do have major effects on how we live our lives [even if they DO spend most of their time on BS (like... the Olympics)] the biggest governor on what we do, how and when we do it and how we make all our decisions is MONEY! And our access to MONEY. When we get right down to the basics, our planet's environment, its resources and how they are distributed and maintained is controlled completely by the flow of money. If you want to buy something, it depends on how much money you have. If you want to go somewhere, it depends on how much money you have. If you want to do almost anything, it depends on how much money you have. Truly, today we are governed not by our elected officials, but by our economic class system. This type of extreme and inequality, which is prevalent in the USA represents itself across the world is completely unsustainable. And not to mention unnatural. And by that I mean not in sync with the forces of nature. However, like I said before, decisions of elected officials can and do have major effects on our lives. Unfortunately like us, our elected officials have became governed by money. The influence of International banks over the UN and all the world's most influential governments and decision makers is undeniable. In essence: When we utilize the GAME of monetary exchange and accumulation to manage our resources, by default, we put more power into the hands of people with more money. In our current system this is allowed wealthy international bankers to gain major influence over our elected representatives through campaign contributions and lobbies and even the popular opinion of the public through major media control and advertising. Many people believe that these things don't affect them and they are immune, but the fact is that everyone is affected. Myself included for no one can separate themselves from the environment and we see a lot of advertising. Even if we go back, to the ideal form of representative democracy behind a bureaucratic facade, we really just have the election of hierarchical rotating MONARCHIES. The problem with monarchy is that the concentration of decision making power into one individual, inherently corrupts that person. And history has shown that this also seems to apply when power is concentrated into groups of people as it is in representative democracy. As well a voter is always forced to compromise, when they elect a representative, because of the inherent limitation in choices. Be it a two party system or a ten party system, the chances there being a candidate, who represents all of your ideas are slimmed to none. (Where's my candidate?) Yet, when you vote for them, you have to vote for all of their ideas. The apathy towards voting we witness in many people around us shows us that people are feeling the futility of this now almost purely symbolic action. When people vote and see that nothing changes, they naturally conclude that there is no purpose in voting. Representative Democracy? The right of people to choose bodies of leaders, that would in theory represent the interests of the people who elected them. To sum the representative democracy, it is a system in which instead having one corrupted ruler make our decisions we elect corrupt groups of people to make our decisions. And let me quickly make the point that it is not that the public is making the wrong decisions in electing corrupt people; the problem is that POWER CORRUPTS! And absolute power corrupts absolutely. I gave them the only thing a poor person has. And that's a vote. And I expect to me answer. If he does not do that, they will know. And we can all agree, because America is dead. The America the John Adams had dreamed up, when he said 'The noble man were just as important as the small man' When he said 'We deserve clean air.' We deserve clothes on our back. It's gone. And what do we get? We get lies, we get commissions, we get meatings, we get hearings, well for god sake Jesus did not hold the commission about the "lepras", he went out and helped them. We need to implement a system, that allows for maximum freedom of action in all areas of life. Many people today advocate a direct democracy. This is one method of electing ideas rather than leaders. The thinking behind the direct democracy off course is that the one man, one vote paradigm provides the maximum amount of freedom and participation for the individual. The problem is that while this allows for equal participation, it does not allow for maximum participation. More freedom for that matter for it also does not always lead to the best conclusions. Direct Democracy is vulnerable to mob rule and can quickly turn into a tyranny of the majority over the minority. Hello? Fucking cellphones! There are countless other system of referendum based democracy advocated by many different groups, but the problem with most of these systems is that they still utilize money as their method of resource distribution. Even under strict guidelines, money presents every person with the goal of wealth accumulation which, as I said incentivizes greedy behavior and though people may be born with genetic disposition for a greedy behaviors studies have shown that gene expression is largely based on environmental triggers. For example a person may be born with the genetic markers, that can produce sociopathy, but it would take some kind of precipitate action to elicit actual sociopathy in that person. That is why throughout history and any form of monetary system, no matter what the controls are some people always find ways to circumvent them to gain power and dominance, because that is what the environment encourages. That is why money, when utilized ultimately becomes our true governor. In order to maximize freedom, our social construct must take into account every person, every resource, every park and tree through a completely holistic resource management system. We can align our action with nature. Understand and work with it, rather than battle against it. In this type of system, there is no need for money, because people are provided for equally and maximally with the only true government on this being the Earth and our current technological capabilities. This is called a "Resource Based Economy". Because it focuses on the intelligent management of resources. Now you maybe asking, "So who makes the decisions in this holistic resource management system?" It is an important question, because as I have been saying, making our decisions based on peoples' opinions of what is best does not work. What is actually best is determined by the only true governors of our actions. The sustainability of our planet, its environment including humans and their needs for freedom, dignity, respect, equality and most importantly, the ability to participate in society and a decision making process. Which again is governed not by opinion, but by holistic sustainable egalitarian values. Coupled with what we as a species actually have on our planet and are capable of doing together. By removing money as our governor and replacing it with these attributes, we can build a truly sustainable society since peoples' actions would no longer be despotic, self-serving, profit oriented and short sighted. Rather it would be aimed for the common good. Because without having to direct our energies toward working often in completely useless jobs in order to earn our living, every person would become free to explore a new ideas, investigate suggest things, try new things, be creative, see what works best, free to study and test their own ideas and the ideas of others and of course vice-versa, creating a totally non-centralized system of data gathering. Once the data is gathered, volunteers, freely associated, meaning anyone who wants to participate can as much or as little as they want and with whomever they want can collate the data on a global level finding the best solutions to technical problems and disseminating that information free to everyone. How these freely associated people take that data and use it is entirely up to them. So this creates a whole new set of world-wide experiments upon which more information is gathered which produces a continuous progress loop. In short, this system can be summed up as The election of the ideas using the scientific method to achieve maximum freedom and sustainability on this planet. This is the system proposed and advocated by the ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT and THE VENUS PROJECT. You know man, there are two kinds of people on this world: people, who got no dreams people, who got dreams and don't do nothing about it and people who go out and fulfill their dreams I don't know about you, but I am the third kind. So you are going to help me or not? "And I want, more than anything my children to know, I fought with everything I had, every single thing I had. Not to lose not one more time.

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What is a true government?

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