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architecture 2012 ppt presentation

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Hello my name is Felipe I'm going to talk about THE AGBAR TOWER BY JEAN NOVELL The Agbar Tower is a 38 storey skyscraper in Barcelona It is 145 meters high It is the house of the water company Agbar It's located on Glories square It was opened in 2005 It is made of contrete, glass and aluminium Jean Nouvel was born in France on the 12 August 1945 Nouvel studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris And thats all Hello my name is Belén. and I am going to talk about Auditori the Barcelona , by Rafael Moneo. The Auditori de Barcelona is a modern building 42.000 square meters It was buit on March 22nd 1999 Barcelona, Spain It's located in "Plaça de les Glories It's made of glass, copperand wood The building has been designed by Rafael Moneo Valls Hello , my name is Josselyn Toala rivas and I'm going to talk about the building CMT by Batlle and Roig The building is it's CMT which means COMISIÓN DEL MERCADO DE TELECOMUNICACIONES . It's located at Bolivia districte [email protected] street. It's made reinforced concrete and glass . the building center floor consisting of office. and ten plantsand common services over three floors basement for parking. The architect Enric Batlle is catalan architect. He is from Spain to Barcelona . He was born in 1956. He studied Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona, Catalunya in 1981. The architect Joan Roig is Catalan architect. He was born in 1954 in Barcelona. He studied in at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona. the more buildings they designed Guardería en los Jardines De Malaga in Barcelona and that's all Hello, my name is Jose Fleitas and I'm going to talk about the Disseny HUB Barcelona by Oriol Bohigas. The Disseny HUB Barcelona is a new center of the Cultural Institute of Barcelona, and it is located in Glories square. It was built in 2012. It is 14 meters high. Oriol Bohigas He was born in Barcelona in 1925. He studied at High School of Architecture of Barcelona and graduated in 1943. He has also designed the headquarters of the Editorial Destino in Badalona, the School Thau in Barcelona, the residential building in the Kochstrasse of Berlin in Germany. and that's all. I'm Miriam and I'm going to talking about Hotel Catalonia Fira by Jean Nouvel The hotel is built in 2012 There are two towers, black and white It has 26 floors It is 110 meters high The architect of this hotel is Jean Nouvel The hotel is situated in Plaça Europa In Barcelona The architect is Jean Nouvel and is an architect and designer He was born in August in 1945 In Fumel, France He studied architect in the school of arts in Paris The more buildings of Jean Nouvel Is the Torre Agbar and the hotel Puerta America, and thats all Hello I'm Judith and I want to talk about The Habitat Sky Hotel by Dominique Perraulf. The Habitat Sky Hotel is located in Diagonal avenue, in poblenou. It has 31 floors. It is the second tallest building in Barcelona. It's made of metal, glass and concrete. Dominique Perraulf, The building has been designed by Dominique Perraulf. He is a French architect. He was born in Clermont April 9th 1953. He graduated from national school of fine arts in 1979. He has also designed the Olympic Tennis Stadium in Madrid, 'la caja magica' and the Olympic Velodrome in Berlin etc.. And that's all. Hello, my name is Alba I´m going to talk about Mediatic by Enric Ruiz Geli The Building was built in 2009 It´s a forum for meeting learning and implementation of ICT The building is a cube with 4 fronts different from each other It´s made of metal. It´s located in the [email protected] district of Barcelona, close to les Glories. The architect is Enric Ruiz Geli Born in Figueras, Spain in 1968 His career has been essentially focused on the set and exhibition design. More Buildings Vila Bio it´s located in Girona and zoo de Barcelona is located on the parc de La Ciutadella in Barcelona. I'm Paula Garrido Moi and I'm going to talk about MEDIA PRO by Carlos Ferrater The Building It's an officine building It belongs to MEDIA PRO It has 70 metres high and it's made of concrete, metal and glass it was built in 2008 Tt's located in Diagonal avenue next to de Agbar Tower. The Architect Carlos Ferrater is an a architect catalan He was born on 22nd the November, in 1944 He studied at "Architecture School of Barcelona" More Buildings He has also designed Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel in Barcelona, Catalonia Palace of Congresses in Barcelona and Alquilea Tower in Venice. AND THAT'S ALL

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architecture 2012 ppt presentation

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