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Bertrand Russell on God (1959)

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Why are you not a Christian? Because I see no evidence whatever you need a Christian dogmas I examine all the stock arguments in favor of the existence of God and none of them seems to me logically valid. Do you think it'spractical reason for having a religious belief for many people? Well it can't be a practical reason to believe in what isn't true. That's quite, at least, truly.. it's impossible. I just think it's true or it isn't, if it is true, you should believe it. if it isn't, you shouldn't. and if you can't find out whether it's true, or whether it isn't, you suspend your judgement but you can't. it seems to me that fundamental dishonesty, fundamental intellectual integrity to hold belief because you think it's useful, and not because you think it's true Well, I would think that those people who find that some kind of religious code helps them deliver their lives, gives them very strict set of roles, the rights and the wrongs It's particularly sanctinarily quite mistaken, ** many awesome do more harm than good and they will probably be able to find a rational morality to take it live right if they drop this irratuional traditional taboo morality that it comes down to save the changes But I'll uh, perhaps, the ordinary person, perhaps it's strong enough to find this own personal ethic you'll have to have something imposed upon them from outside Oh, I don't think that's true, what is imposed on you how much I see no value whatever it doesn't count Will you regard as half of course is a Christian, when did you first decide that you did not want to remain? believe that Christian I never decided that I didn't want to remain the believer I decided between the ages 15 and 18 여가가 나면 기독교리에 대해 생각하면서 믿음에 대한 명분을 찾아 봤지만 18살이 되었을 때 신앙을 지속할 필요를 버리기로 했지요 신앙이 인생에 어떤 힘이 되었던 적은 없으세요? 글쎄, 별로 힘이 되었다고 느낀 일이 없던 것 같아요 지식을추구하는 일에 몰입하는 게 전부였으니까요 인생의 종착역을 향하고 계시는 시점에서 내세에 대한 생각을해보신 적은 없으신지? 아뇨, 그건 허무맹랑하다고 생각해요 사후세계는 없나요? 그런 건 없어요 혹시 이런 두려움은 없으셨나요? 대개 무신론자나 그노시스들의 경우에 무신론을 유지하다가 임종 직전에 종교를 받아들여 개종하는 경우가 흔하던데요? 그건 종교인들이 생각하는 것 처럼 그리 흔한 일은 아닙니다 왜냐하면 대개 종교인들의 생각은 그노시스 주의자들에 대해 거짓말을 하는 걸 덕으로 보는데 실제로 보면 그런 경우는 그리 흔하지 않습니다

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Nobel Prize-winning philosopher/mathematician, Bertrand Russell, explains why he does not believe in God.

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