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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~21:55:17 - 22:11:54

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Two songs? They're playing two songs? No... One of them comes from there... Ok. Apolo? You bad Apolo! Darn, Apolo! Don't do that! He's just arrived. So that's it. One more neighborhood we're getting to know We're gonna play our music. After all we're. We're on schedule, you know? Not so much, but let it go. Everything's been arranged. So we can do our best. So let's pursue that positive vibration and do it the best way that the people can understand us clearly all right, we're together Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, On earth as in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. Amen Let's rock it! Crazy team! That's it guys. Just turn up ... there's a green light No, this one is blue, no, that's because of the light Would this one be blue? This one here is red, Ah no, I meant green You have to turn it on. What? Internationally? Massau, Would you have... It's over man. Yeah brother! It's over man! I got only this one and I asked to smoke after the waiting. You have a lighter? As I can't ... I think I lost two lighters. I had two but lost them both. Be my guest, no need to hush. It's the last day so do what you got to do. All right, Any problem and you come to talk me. All right. What's your name? I'm Flávio, Grilão. Grilão. I'm so out of control, all right Rael? I enjoyed the company of all of you and you're invited for our album release as well. Ok, just give us a call. Brother, sorry for anything wrong out there. But... be cool. Feel confortable and that's it The stage is all yours. Come on, come on. And if someone or the fat guy goes crazy and speaks it's not gonna happen you come talk to me right? Tell him to get out of the way or we're gonna take... no fear... The stage is yours, use it as you please. Ok man. Hey Is there still caipirinha? You have to talk to that guy. I already talked to him but he said it was over. Hey Grilão? That's right Iporanga, have you ever heard? Grilão, what about that caipirinha? You were drinking. Do you want one? Sure. Just a minute. Just got me a caiprinha. Have you tested yours Wagner? Yes, I just think it's a little bit... What the hell man! Hey, could you give some coke? Good night Grilão, thank you brother! Man, sorry I'm poor. So am I. It's a pity that... Come guys Do you want some? Sure Hold it for me. Hey, he's copying you here, Israel. His name is Israel too. Really? What show are we gonna do? It's on the plan already. Is it? Where is... setlist That one we rehearsed. Be careful, the microfones are on. Look, About what the guy told He told we're gonna play, and then Equalization would be done with no sound... But now I can listen myself clearly No, we can listen, but it's... The sound is good, but it's the equalization It's ok. When can we go? Ask someone Talk to him about that Iporanga is here! Pedro! Turn up a little bit the black one The black is good. ... this success I won't talk to much because we're already too late. Mágica Promoções Eventos brings the international success, national acclaimed, They who have been reinventing hip-hop all over Brazil and abroad They who ... Group Pentágono! Hey Itapecirica! Here we are Pedrão, play it. Everybody's all right! ♫ Oh Lord, Oh Lord ♫ Here we go. ♫ Oh Lord ♫ And no one, no one ♫ and no one, no one will forget the love ♫ that's our anthem ♫ and won't delay the show ♫ no one, no one ♫ no one, no one will forget the love ♫ that's our anthem ♫ and won't delay the show ♫ no one ♫ Come on, come on ♫ I, I, I, I, I like so much ♫ rap for sure ♫ repinique, tambourine, small guitar, victrola ♫ the finger on ... the rap won't stop ♫ Satan stuff ♫ ... row go rap row go rap, ♫ the samba that loves me, that told me ♫ they come over ♫ the guy is smart but I know a way to kick him off ♫ but excuse me ok ♫ out out out out ♫ open the way ♫ I want to walk through ♫ don't come I'll get it ♫ oh get out of my way, I want to walk through ♫ oh open the way ♫ oh get out of my way, I want to walk through ♫ oh open the way ♫ I want to see you samba Go DJ the best hip-hop ♫ I don't wanna know ♫ open the way ( open the way I need to wak through ) ♫ at first ♫ at Mangueira hill checkmate! ♫ oh get out of my way, I want to walk through ♫ open the way ♫ oh get out of my way, I want to walk through ♫ oh get out of my way, I want to walk through ♫ I want to see you samba ♫ ê, pererê, pererê, pererê, pererê...ôoo ♫ homem gol ... ♫ umbabarauma homem gol ♫ uiguidi uiguidi uiguidi

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Duration: 16 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: Brazil
Director: Helio Ishii
Views: 178
Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 19, 2008

Getting ready backstage. Performs his music.

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