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Alien being, AA talk show:Many Lives and still NO ANSWER

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Many Lifes - AA Hi there this is AA Yes it was rather odd choice of 'a name' but I was discovered in the dimensions, 'quite awhile ago' by this being 'here', and another being, working together try- understanding, what was really going on in 'existence' because I was just 'another layer', of deception found in the dimensions, as there were many layers and as they started peeling off, and discovering the layers of 'deception', up jumped me! I choose the name 'AA' because I, 'had to choose a name' I didn't have a name where I was and, I went to, experi- I'm going to share my story with you So, I had been, in many 'many Life experiences' here on earth 'and' every time that I would, 'pass over' there would be that, something of an experience within me that something is 'not right', something 'is wrong' and I had many dimension- 'interdimensional', Life experiences as well but a strange thing within me it felt like everything was repetitive everything that I'd experi- I experienced, 'had come to nothing' because, I would be the 'same being' 'after' all my Lifes, that I'd experienced no matter what, and I did have a I don't have a remembrance, if you want to, from that perspective because I had about, twelve- thousand? interdimensional Lifes and, I had about, five hundred and fifty earth Lifes and, during that time, in the interdimensional 'existence' and after my Lifes after, one moment I started asking myself: But I just came from a Life! one, one 'period' I don't know what you'd refer to it to as, and I went: But, I looked at myself, and I looked at the Life I had, which was not something, a being would be proud of to want to 'experience', and I looked at myself and I said: But what was the reason for that? what was the purpose for that Life? I don't understand and here I'm back, and now they're sending me back to another Life again Why? and when I started asking those questions, I started looking: But Ok let me look where I was 'before' that, and then, I started 'stretching out' - space and time space and- stretching out 'space and time' which means, you know 'stretching out' I wouldn't say it's experienced it but having everything 'Here', in the, dimensions you are able to see 'everything' in one moment so I went 'back' and I looked all I could see was I was just experiencing 'Lifes', in in this world and in this existence, for no apparent reason and "all that I'm seeing" is that everything is "worsening", because, everyone's just going Life after Life after Life, again and again and again, 'in endless exact same cycles' and, I didn't see reason, I didn't see purpose and I didn't see "cause" and, so I went off and then, 'asked questions' to which undoubtedly I did not find any, and I became angry, I became frustrated because I would ask simple questions: Why is this necessary? then I get 'strange' answers such as because it's the way it is! or, why not? or, what else are you supposed to do? or and then I went but, isn't there something else we are able to do, you know? because certainly if I look at what, I myself as a human being were- was experiencing 'in all my Lifes' It is 'horrendous'! what has 'become of us' I mean, right here I am now I I wouldn't want to live something like 'that', why would I allow myself to? in the first place - How did I allow myself to!? and in terms of the entire reincarnation process then you sometimes didn't had the ability to 'choose', you were 'just' sent into a family! sometimes you're even "deceived" saying: You'd be going into "this" family then you're going into a really, excuse my language but a really fucked up situation and then after you get out, you can't remember, how you first got that Life in that you even 'chose or didn't choose' and I became angry and frustrated I didn't see anyway out of this, existence or "scenario" because there were beings, still on earth, manifested lost I, looked at the interdimensional existence everyone was either focused here on earth or, busy in 'their own world' up in universes and I went: But this is! what is going on here!? and it was just a moment's realization you know it's moment where you suddenly just, 'sit back' and you really have a look at everything and you go: Oh my god. What is going on!? I don't know if earth, if even human beings even started realizing that you know when you just, sit back and you really, get that 'one realization' where you for the first time it feels like "you're actually seeing everything"? Yup! I had one of those moments, and (sigh) the only that I 'knew' what to do, was to 'stop everything' and, I placed myself, in and as 'everything as all of existence' and, I said that: If it's the last thing I'll do, I'll destroy everything - that exists I'll destroy all 'creation'! which was human beings the experience they had on earth interdimensional beings, all the planets they had, the 'ships' that cities! where ever, I just "Didn't see", the point the purpose the reason the cause for anything of this 'nothing'! not even my own existence for that matter So the only solution I had, for that moment was 'to stop everything', was to destroy everything and by god I was that's what I will do, if it is the last thing I'll ever do! and I influenced much, from perspective of I said: This will end because there is nothing else to do there is nothing else that exists! I didn't find anything I didn't see anything! so of course if you come to such a compe- completion and you have the ability to do what I did So do it! so I did and then that's when, a being here and this girl in the, dimensions discovered me and! you know they asked me some 'questions': Why am I doing this? why am I wanting to destroy everything? and I simply said because I (laugh) don't see a reason for anything, do you? Do you see, a purpose for anything existing? look at everything! I don't see anything if you're able to show me something, Please! show me! I'll take it into consideration! but of course, after quite some 'quite' conflict and hefty communication I started 'seeing', what had been showing to me, which is 'referred to as', lets call it Life which is, referred to as a, 'solution', and 'at that time' I didn't see everything as I see it in this moment, which is you know if if if I'm able to, not even able to, if I "stand" and realize, you know myself which is, which I realize in that moment that, you know: Hey I am the solution, I am the answer I just didn't, "see it" because it's not something that's able to be pin-pointed like a, like a practical solution like sometimes here on they earth they'll place organizations and say: Oh this is a solution for world hunger. but it's not that! it is actually 'ourselves' it is not another separate creation 'as an apparent solution', that will solve everything it's not possible, Why? because firstly we're the ones responsible for everything and i was as responsible for what this happening here firstly, only through my participation, and So, in terms of me realizing that I was actually doing everything, and the obvious question is: How do I Not do everything? How do we 'solve' this situation? Ok, I'll probably continue in my next interview thank you Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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