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Bokaro Steel Plant

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The journey is as exciting as it can get As exciting as a space oddesey The Bokaro steel plant and with it SAIL will now go into a voyage into the future Five years hence where do you want to be ? The future for steel is indeed bright, shining, but there are challenges as well Everyday competition is getting tougher and tougher Hence your voyage into the future has to be carefully routed , expertly manoeuvered Five years down the line, SAIL has to expand BACKBROUND MUSIC There are two ways to grow, and expand in the same direction SAIL'S core strenght is STEEL With over decades and decades of experience you know steel making inside out Each steel plant in SAIL, Bokaro specially has constantly updated it's technology So tomorrow , if you need to set up a new steel plant, you would know exactly what to do Which perticular technology to imbibe from which country ,even which perticular company ? So why not set up new steel plants in iron ore rich steel countries as a joint venture? It could be Brazil , or any other third world country They would prefer an Indian company set up their Steel Plant to western companies , because we understand the need of third world countries better. And we are more price competitive Today China is one of the biggest consumers of steel. It is also one of the largest importer of iron-ore from India ♫ So why not set up a steel plant where the need for Steel is the highest in China as a joint venture There is a second route you can take , not expansion but diversification ♫ your core strength is steel. So why not diversify into high-value steel based products The possibilities are infinite, immense You could go into small things Precision fine blanking of special grade steel, a host of industries , need them today, By starting to make automotive grade steel sheets you could become the largest provider of steel for automotive bodies for for India's fast moving automotive industry. You could go a big way into structurals Look around you. Today city after city is being transformed overnight, with the constuction of shopping malls, multiplexes , new business centers made of glass and steel You could be the provider of that steel Or you could go into special grade steels become a huge provider of chemical and petro-chemical industries. For food products , beverages, doors Or if you could get into right tie-ups you could be making special alloy steels for aircrafts even space rockets So where does Bokaro steel plant fit into SAIL's scheme of things BSL as an integral part of SAIL has a definite future of its own To keep updating of it's technology to optimise productivity better utilisation of its human resources To be in tune with the environmental requirements and have all its units earn ISO certification These are the four corner stone of BSL future goals These and whatever target BSL has to fullfil as part SAIL's future production plan THE VOYAGE HAS JUST BEGAN THE COUNTDOWN IS NOW 5 , 4, 3, 2, 1. ROCKET LAUNCHING

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Steel Plant in India and Economy inputs by Bokaro Steel Plant.
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